Merry Christmas Everyone – Stay Strong!

26 Dec


Merry Christmas everyone – I hope everyone enjoyed their time with their families.  I’m so sorry I have not written till now…yesterday we were out all day getting toys for the 3 little ones I told you about and thanks to so many wonderful people – their Christmas was WONDERFUL!  It was late last night before it was all done and by time I got back home, I was just too tired to move and I ended up speaking for a very long time over the telephone with one of our sisters-in-Christ and we had such a great conversation, thank you for that.  I pulled my computer out to type and I feel asleep in motion, head back, mouth wide open and fingers on my keyboard!  A few hours later, that cold came back and I was up very early just trying to get warm, my head unclogged and my throat and chest open…

I have been fighting Satan himself, I know I have.  He is hot and heavy in the chase for my son and I know this.  After my son went to his father’s family side Christmas Eve gathering, he was to come back here…he never did.  Now I ask you, HOW DOES SOMEONE NOT COME HOME ON CHRISTMAS EVE?  WHO DOES THAT?  He walked in the door around 9:30 a.m. this morning, looking terrible and after confronting him like any parent would do, he just went wild…rage, defiance, just raw hatred came from his eyes, face, mouth, voice…I have no idea who this boy is.  I know who is chasing him – who is trying to destroy my son because he knows the promise of God and he knows that Taylor loves the Lord with all his heart and he was going to become a Youth Pastor and now, he takes my keys to my car and I don’t see him for days.  He left again today in full-on fury and told me that he was taking the car (my car) and he was never bringing it back and he was never coming back.  I thought he was going to wreck the car as he peeled out down the street driving so wreckless.  It’s now after 8:00 p.m. my time and I have no idea where he is.  Who does that?  He was not raised this way but this behavior has been typical and consistent these past few weeks and it’s getting worse…the more I do for the Lord, the harder the enemy attacks my children.  I’m walking in peace, faith in all the promises my Lord Jesus gave me and there I will stand but to others around me, they cannot understand why I’m not calling the police, screaming, going as nuts as he is but what good would that do?  All it would do is open a door that I, through my behavior and lack of faith, would open.  I started cooking for my daughter and I, along with my older sister and have been in the kitchen all day – sitting down for the first time right now.  I could not stop to type because there was no one else to do what I was doing…I’m tired today, so very very tired.

I’m tired, but I’m not worrying about what the Lord promised us and you should not worry either!  Many were very upset and worried after they read Julie’s last message and I knew that was going to happen…this is why I posted a few remarks above that message.  Remember where we started, when this blog and videos started and what I have said from that very first time – THESE MESSAGES/VIDEOS WERE FOR “SPECIFIC” PEOPLE – PEOPLE THAT THE LORD HAD CHOSEN, WAS CALLING AND THAT THEY WOULD FIND WHATEVER ANSWERS/COMFORT THEY NEEDED HERE.  REMEMBER THAT?  Just last week or so, I posted a message that stated how the Lord has heard you, is going to bless you and has SEALED YOU TOO!  I keep saying this – HE CHOSE YOU – YOU DID NOT CHOSE HIM!  Do not let doubt and worry in, please.  I am going to do a video first thing in the morning regarding The Bride and The Church which will hopefully ease all your hearts.  Please do not worry, please!

Hanukkah just really began last night, December 24th and this is the time of the Festival of Lights.  The days of this Jewish Celebration is very important and crucial to the Lord – again, I will touch on this in the morning.   I did read the news from all around the world yesterday and wow, wow, wow…so much going on!  I’m standing strong, standing in my faith and His Promise that He will do all He has said He would do but I want you, everyone here to do the same and no not let doubt into your mind, heart, soul or spirit because it is the enemy trying to pounce on your vulnerability.  All of you are searching your hearts and just searching for Jesus Christ in general or else you would not have found me.  This is what He looks for – He has asked you to look to Him, withdraw from the world, love Him and be pure in your heart showing kindness and compassion to all in your path.  Have you had your eyes on Him?  Yes.  Have you been searching for all things Him?  Yes or else you would be here right now and know all that you do, regardless how little you may think you actually know.  Remember, He is coming for your Heart!

What He was saying in Julie’s message was “The Church” and those that think they are “The Bride” and the difference between the two.  The Church are those that we’ve been talking about – those that go to the same church every Sunday, having done so since childhood yet have learned nothing of who Jesus really is.  They claim to love humanity but clearly hate the people of this world…they are the ones with 2 faces, one face they show the world and one face they show in the mirror.  He is speaking of “The Church” that’s speaking words of wisdom, yet they have no true Heavenly Knowledge or even earthly knowledge really, of Jesus Christ and The Father God above but freely speak like they do – they talk-the-talk but clearly do not walk-the-walk.  We all fall short, we all have days of failure but we are not FAILING!  We show great strength each and every day in our constant search for everything Jesus.  Sure, we may feel down at times and sure, we may screw up but we get right back up, pull our striped tube socks back up to our knees and we look straight up to Heaven and say, “I’m so sorry Lord, I messed up, you know how much I love you and how hard I try to stay in favor, stay YOUR course and do all I know you want me to do – please forgive me as I know I fall-short some days and today is one of those days but please, look in my heart, see me, cleanse me and remove anything that may cause or allow me to stumble again!”  Each day, we get up and run for His Heart – we look for His Coming but those of “The Church” do not…they do not run to Him, they hide from Him.  Even though they love Him – they love their life and those objects in their life more and this is what He is speaking of.  I don’t see that here, I don’t and again, you were searching for Him.  I will tell you this – I’ve yet to be contacted by anyone who doesn’t want ALL OF HIM – isn’t that what The Bride searches for, asks for…all of Him?

Remember, He knows you – He knows what He is getting when He comes…no big surprise so do not let worry/doubt become your friend – it is not!  You’ve come too far to take a step backward…so don’t!  Keep cool, calm and collect and just show Him the person HE KNOWS YOU TO BE!

I went downstairs to my daughter’s basement late morning today and kneeled down on both knees and elbows on the cold hard concrete floor.  I cried so hard, prayed to Him and gave Him every burden I had.  I asked for forgiveness and begged for Him to take me right then and there if I was not doing His Will…if He had changed any Words He spoke and gave because my heart could not withstand that heartache and how I gave my children to Him and would not be unfaithful in taking them back.  If He had a different agenda, to please allow me release from this world so I could not see it with my heart and eyes as it would crush me.  Then, I stood up and placed my feet in that concrete footing I always speak of, telling Him that I believe all His Words – All His Promises – Everything Him!  I asked Him to please ease the hearts OF ALL THOSE WHO ARE HEAR – ALL THOSE THAT HE HAS SENT HERE and give all of us peace where we can stand and rest in.  I heard Him say that His Word WILL STAND – NOTHING WILL CHANGE AND ALL WILL BE AS HE HAS ORDAINED!  HE SAID TO STAND STRONG, BELIEVE WHAT HE HAS SAID AND DO ALL HE HAS ASKED US TO DO – HE WILL DO AS HE HAS SAID AND PROTECT ALL OF US…HE HAS SEALED YOUR NAME IN HIS BOOK, HE TOLD ME THAT OVER A WEEK AGO!

I know He is coming, I know He is.  I promise I will do a video in the morning – and we can all talk about it!  We are family here, I love all of you so much, I just can’t hardly stand it!!!  Know your worth, know Who loves you, know Who FORGAVE you and know Who is COMING FOR YOU and leave that thought on your heart – nothing else!  I do.

I’m so sorry this took me so very long – it’s been a long day but I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  It was just my daughter and me, that was it but it was nice and I didn’t miss anyone or anything except the presence of my son.  Pray for him, pray that the Lord hears our prayers and send His Warrior Angels to help us break the enemy’s stronghold over my son right now…I’m battling Satan head-on and I will be victorious because He that is in me IS GREATER than him that is in the world.

Love to all and thank you to those who helped this Christmas happen for the less fortunate – thank you so very much!!

Mary Beth


23 responses to “Merry Christmas Everyone – Stay Strong!

  1. renu

    December 26, 2013 at 4:24 am

    Marybeth…believe me..I know what u r going thru…my heart goes out to u ..but let me tell u one thing…GOD IS IN CONTROL….OUR CHILDREN BELONG TO HIM…CAST YOUR BURDEN UPON HIM…I luv u..waiting to see u..

  2. Trish Burns

    December 26, 2013 at 4:32 am

    Mary Beth,
    God Love you… You have been through so much, and now this. I know with complete certainty, as I am sure you do as well, that God has this issue with your baby under control! Maybe this is a ” life lesson” that he must go through right now. God has allowed his actions for a reason, and maybe for some reason, your Son must travel this road for something GREATER that God has planned for this warrior. I don’t know if anything I have said makes you feel any better about the situation, but maybe a different perspective would make things a little less confusing…
    You know I LOVE you tremendously, and I WILL be praying for you and your baby.
    God Bless my Friend!
    Trish Burns

  3. Trish Burns

    December 26, 2013 at 4:50 am

    On second thought, maybe there is something more God is wanting you to learn my love. Again, just attempting to try and offer you a different perspective.
    Praying Praying Praying!!
    Trish Burns

    • friendofheaven

      December 26, 2013 at 3:18 pm

      He is surely making me use all my tools He taught me. Oh gosh, He teaches me everyday and I’m really kind of use to the lessons now, I just don’t want the spankings! I know who the Boss is – that is why I listened to Him…I fear Him!

  4. Donna Lynn Hope

    December 26, 2013 at 5:54 am

    Mary Beth, my eldest was so rebellious (for several years) and it was devastating…she broke my heart continually. She finally came around! I will pray for you and your son. You are such a blessing Mary Beth – such a comforting, wise, wonderful woman. You’ve been through enough.

  5. Wendy

    December 26, 2013 at 6:46 am

    Mary Beth; I have been following you for some time now. You are such an inspiration and a true blessing. I have days of friendofheaven video marathon’s. I love listening to you. I laugh and cry with you but most of all you have helped me sort out the questions I have with the burning hunger and love I have for our Lord. I adore you and I relate to as if you were my best girlfriend. I will keep your son in my prayers constantly as with my own children as I have 3 teenage daughters and cant imagine if one of mine disappeared like that. We know Taylor is protected and under the blood wherever he goes!! Thank you for your love and commitment to this blog and yt channel. Your late nights and long hours invested are blessing so many of us.
    Love, hugs, and many many prayers to you!

    • friendofheaven

      December 26, 2013 at 3:15 pm

      Wendy, thank you so much. My daughter’s pregnant on one hand – then my son is just about to lose his mind on the other side and the two mixed together is fire and ice. I can’t choose between my children but at the same time, my attention has been on my son for the past 7 years…when is it my daughter’s turn? That is how she thinks – she was good and had to take a backseat to the boys, especially the younger one and now she really needs me and I’m going to be here for her. I cannot let him upset her and destroy all that she has worked so hard for. I understand that. Keep praying and thank you!

  6. Marion Jannine Preiß

    December 26, 2013 at 9:55 am

    i love you.

    • friendofheaven

      December 26, 2013 at 3:11 pm

      I needed that today! I just love all of you guys (gals) so much too…you really are my best friends and family.

  7. Gary R

    December 26, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Mary Beth
    When I first read the message rather than getting worried I contemplated the meaning of what was being said. So if you don’t mind just bear with me and I will narrate my understanding. The church certainly in the western world appears to have disappeared down a hole that packages the Lord in their own wrapping. We have cherry picked our faith and placed an emphasis on the Lord’s love and what we can receive which is correct but we have neglected the whole package. The Lord came to provide us a means of having our sins forgiven but we neither recognise our sins or actively seek forgiveness – what is the point of having our sins forgiven by the creator if we don’t recognise them in the first place – added to this is the world and unfortunately with the church apparently in agreement repackaging sins into something more palatable or worse still simply saying things are no longer a sin because society’s values have changed. The Lord is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow so it follows that sin is the same. Therefore if the church cannot recognise those things that separate us from the glory of god it is not ready for it’s saviour.

    Additionally the church has taken on an attitude that the world can solve humanities’ problems and that God is a sort of a mysterious figure that you go to in times of trouble. It also appears that the church no longer believes in the supernatural and by extension the enemy. If the enemy is not real and by extrapolation does not have the ability to influence a person to sin and if you don’t recognise sin then a saviour is not needed and the Lord fails to be the centre of man’s being and his/her refuge. This is not a people who is either looking for, or ready for, their saviour and needs a bringing back to basics – This I say with somewhat of a heavy heart but the reality is the church wants God on its terms.

    The Lord wants those who will humble themselves recognise their imperfection and seek the heart of their saviour because they are the ones who will listen, who want to please, who want their comforter and who want to dwell in the shadow of their creator. No one is perfect if we were why would we need a saviour.

    The message is one of warning to a church that is going its own way and while it may love the Lord it appears to have lost the significance of repentance, of walking in the nine fruits of the spirit, of ensuring their lamps are filled with oil and of knowing that perfection only exists in the heavenly realm and no matter how hard a person tries here in the earthly realm we all fall short of the glory of God – but the great thing is he knows this and still loves us and he shines a light on the path to our redemption.

    Hope this helps – I found the message not frightening but reminder to keep looking and hoping and seeking the heart of the Lord – he doesn’t want perfection he wants those who reach out for him!

    • friendofheaven

      December 26, 2013 at 3:10 pm

      Gary, I could not have said it better myself – I absolutely agree with you, yes, yes, yes! I hope everyone reads this post! Thank you!

  8. Joanne Schriner

    December 26, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Mary Beth, I believe you walk in great favor with the Lord..when your son does come home he will probably be so thankful to be back with you. Keep standing in that faith cause you are witnessing to us and helping us to be strong also.The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace and give your son peace that he will come home soon.

  9. Gaia

    December 26, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    I’ve learned something important recently, don’t be afraid of your relative’s behavior. If you try to change them and it’s not the right time you’ll get the opposite result.
    Some people need time to understand things. If they don’t want to hear you just pray for them or be the light to them with your life style.
    Few months ago my mom decided to get back to Church and since then she’s growing on Faith. That’s because she saw myself, for years, going to Church, praying, fasting, being quiet despite bad times.+
    She’s happier now.
    One of these day we should speak about fasting importance.

  10. renu

    December 26, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Be at rest..u r so very special to Jesus…keep laughing..

  11. Arine

    December 26, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Our sweet Mary Beth, I was thinking that maybe this is the turning point to Taylor… it is always darkest before dawn, right? God has plans for Taylor, so he will come around sooner or later – but you already know that, don’t you :). I am so sorry though that you have to go trough these struggles over and over again…. You must be exhausted and I sure hope you could get some rest… But I am praying for you, for Taylor and for your daughter!

    Gary R, I loved your post. Especially the final words: “he doesn’t want perfection he wants those who reach out for him!” Those words were for me!!! 🙂

    Gaia, I am right there in that situation. It is very hard for me to talk to my relatives as they are not so receptive (and I am a big coward, too), but my dad used to say: “There are two ways: you can talk about God to people or talk about people to God.” I use mostly the latter one 🙂

  12. Becci

    December 26, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Mary Beth, I find it so touching that in all your trials with your cold and your “adopted children” and your own very difficult family situation, you still made time to try to help others find peace with the earlier messages and to stay on track. Even though you have been hurting, you still have genuine loving concern for others – even those you haven’t even met. Amazing! Sounds like agape love to me and an inspiration for the rest of us:) Thank you! I pray that God will see you through all of your trials, and that your family will soon reconcile and be whole again. Praise be to our Lord Jesus, Amen!

  13. Irene

    December 26, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    Sis Mary Beth, God sure is with you! I suspect that your son is what the Amish call sowing his wild oats, do you believe in OSAS? I guess the Lord will protect him and bring him home. I’ll keep you in my prayers! I only have one daughter and I fear for her soul along with her partner. I pray that God will soften her heart before its too late. I’m glad you and your daughter had a nice Christmas day, it was just me and my husband, but we enjoyed our time together and knowing that Jesus joined us at the table. Thank you for your message, and I gathered that was why you posted above Julie’s message. We must all stand strong, we love our Lord like no other! Many Blessings Sis Irene

  14. Irene

    December 26, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Well said Gary, thank you & God Bless Irene

  15. David Richter

    December 27, 2013 at 12:50 am

    Hey Mary. Sorry I took so long to post. I was in town with my family. I wanted to tell you that I said a prayer last night for you,asking Jesus to bring your son back to you and to make your family whole again. Again, I can’t wait to meet you and everyone else here. I love you all and love Jesus more and more with each passing day. I hope to see the sign in the heavens soon and have asked Him to help me keep an eye out for it so as not to miss it or be caught unawares by it and whatever follows it. I love you all very much and can’t wait to meet you and Jesus both. And, if its not too much to ask, if I am not part of the Bride, when the 40 days of ministry starts, could someone please come and get me? I don’t doubt Jesus anymore, it’s ME I doubt. All the best to everyone and a happy new year to all. I really hope He comes soon.

  16. Mary

    December 27, 2013 at 2:20 am

    Mary Beth,

    Prayers for your son. Remember, a gift, Jesus’ promise if one person in the family is faithful, He will save the far away in the family. I am there with you, my son is liberal, thinking it cool. His music idol, Kanye West! Away at College, I am aware he doesn’t always attend Holy Mass on Sunday as required by God for Catholics.

    I share the below, here in your latest, if I put it under an older writing, people may not see it. I marked some words in the messages except the very last, in-caps to emphasize.

    * * *

    It is consoling and confirming for Catholics to read in prophecy of our brothers and sisters in Christ hearing about the Warning in their messages from Heaven. The Warning, are the last verses in Revelation 6, God revealing our soul as He sees it to each person in an NDE like like review.

    The only confusing is ~ to read the term..3 DAYS OF DARKNESS…in reference to this soon Great Warning in the non-Catholic Christian messages BECAUSE Catholics have heard for years and from the saints old there will be moments of darkness or happening in one day, a darkness to get our attention at the worldwide Warning but it is NOT the 3 Days of Darkness.

    The term the 3 Days of Darkness is another longer period of darkness coming at the end of Tribulation at the end of the 6th day during God’s just CHASTISEMENT. God’s just Chastisement coming by fire this time. And the lines about going inside, not answering your door, covering your windows and most important praying all refer to the Chastisement at the end of Trib before the new era, period of time, the Millennium.

    So…a SIGN (darkness and the Cross), preceded by another sign, a celestial (like two stars crashing) at the Warning and a major celestial causes the (3 days of Darkness), God’s just Chastisement by fire from the sky at the end of Tribulation.

    Here is a message that speaks of the 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS happening in a different order than at, during the prophesied soon Warning.

    Wednesday, May 23, 2013

    Message to John Leary

    “Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you in the vision how My Comet of Chastisement will strike the earth in the Atlantic Ocean at the END of the tribulation. This represents My victory over the Antichrist and the devil. My angels are going to bring My faithful up into space in a bubble that will provide oxygen and protect you from the vacuum of space. My faithful will not be killed by the comet, and it will start the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS. I will cleanse the earth of all the evil ones, as they will be cast into hell. I will renew the earth as it was in the Garden of Eden. My son, you saw Me in a vision as I was on a cross, and I led all of My faithful down to the earth so they could experience a new heavens and a new earth in the Era of Peace. My faithful will see My New Jerusalem, and you will all live a long time. I have told you this in previous messages, but now you are actually experiencing this miracle of My victory in your vision, as you could sense a flying motion in space. Rejoice that I will protect My faithful, and you will have your reward in My Era of Peace and later in heaven.”…

    Now about the Warning, first to a Catholic and Julie Whedbee, a non-Catholic Christian:

    Our Lord speaking about the “soon” Warning (Rev 6:15-17, 1 Cor 3:13), His divine mercy, in message given a holy sister, Faustina in Poland in 1934.

    “Write this: before I come as the just Judge, I am coming FIRST as the King of MERCY. Before the day of justice arrives, there will be given to people a sign in the heavens of this sort: ALL LIGHT in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be great darkness over the whole earth. Then the sign of the cross will be seen in the sky and from the openings of the hands and the feet of the Savior were nailed will come forth great lights which will light up the earth for a period of time.”…

    Message to Julie Whedbee, a non-Catholic Christian Seer ~


    July 16th, 2013

    “I am indeed coming down to the hearts of men and I will demonstrate Myself in such a way that has never occurred in history. I am about to reveal Myself powerfully and directly to every soul on this earth. Not one person will be able to dispute who I am, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. This act is the greatest demonstration of MY MERCY that one could ever know.” …

    Now a message, the Archangels saying do NOT confuse the two events. Doesn’t it make sense, the Warning would not last long as God’s CHASTISEMENT at the end of Tribulation to purify the world of evil involves a longer period of time? We’ll see, remain praying, staying close to Our Lord, the Father and God, the Holy Spirit.

    Confidence from the Holy Angels
    given to Light of Mary (Latin America)


    “The earth continues to shake from one point to another on the Globe and thus it will continue; volcanoes will rise and man will suffer. From the Universe will come a test for man. Everything is uniting to move consciences and AWAKEN men, this is the INSTANT, the INSTANT in which those who live in the truth will be seen before all and those who live in darkness, will not even be able to look at themselves.

    Do not confuse, beloved of ours, the Great Warning that is NEAR and about which you know, with the Three Days of Darkness revealed to various prophets and mystics. Do not entangle or confuse the People, be cautious, we cannot hide the truth from you.


  17. Jennifer Lilly

    December 27, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Mary Beth, you are beautiful and precious in His sight! I stand with you in prayer for Taylor. The picture of Abraham walking up the mountain with his beloved son Isaac ready to give him over to The Lord…that picture of utter faith…to be WILLING to give up his cherished child. This is where you are my love, such agony, but strength that comes only from a deep relationship of trust in your God, your King and your Redeemer.

    Thank you Lord God for Taylor, for his life, his heart, his mind. You know him and You love him, he is Yours! In the name of Yeshua HaMachiac, Taylor will not be snatched from Your hands! He belongs to You and You have qualified him to share in the inheritance of the saints in the Kingdom of Light. For You have rescued Taylor from the dominion of darkness and brought him into the Kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom he has redemption, the forgiveness of sins. (Col. 1:12-14)

    Yes, Lord thank you for the work you are doing in Taylor, thank you for the restoration of his relationship back to you. Pour Your oil of healing over him Lord God. The enemy has raised his head and just thinks he has Taylor, but we know differently. You started a work in him and You are faithful to finish what you have started, so we praise your Holy Name over Taylor, your banner of Love is over Him, thank you for Your protection over him, your Grace and Mercy! In the beautiful Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN.

    Mary Beth, keep on your garment of Praise! Sing and speak the Psalms over Taylor, I will do the same. Taylor will have work to do in the Kingdom, in the harvest and what he is going through God will use, it will give him authority over those who struggle with the same wounds and issues that brought on this behavior.

    Shalom my lovely sister, His Peace I say to You, rest your heart in the palm of His hands, for He is holding you. Taylor is there too, he just doesn’t know it yet.

    I love you.

    Jennifer Lilly

  18. Patricia Owens

    December 28, 2013 at 1:07 am


    • Irene

      December 28, 2013 at 8:08 pm

      Sister Patricia, I pray you are feeling much better, may the Lord bring comfort & healing to your body. God bless Sis Irene


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