These Faces Are Very Special to Me

23 Dec

Oh boy – is the enemy trying his hardest today – he is just chasing my tail to no end!  I am not giving into that fight though – not gonna do it!  Say some extra prayers for me though – but I proud at myself for not “going there” when I really could have.  That just mad him even more mad!

I’m been out today – trying to call on old friends of mine who own businesses to see if they will help sponsor 3 little kids that I did not know did not have anything for Christmas.  They are 6, 7, 8…prime age for loving Christmas, right?  Here they are:






These 3 little babies – I still call them all babies, have a wonderful mother Carrie.  Carrie was my daughter’s best friend all during high school and I treated her, loved her and still consider her my own.  I gave her whatever my kids got – she is more like me than my own children I gave birth to!  Carrie was a young mother, but a good mother and I taught her everything I know but unfortunately, she did not chose wisely the father of her children, her husband.  He was broken from the word go and no matter what anyone did for him, he just could not “walk-the-line” so as most relationships like this end, this one did too.

The first boy on the left is CJ, he is the oldest, then there is the baby, Dawson who has a hearing and speech disability but is so adorable you just cannot stand it…then, there is my baby Bo, her daughter who was born after the death of my son Trey.  This little girl saved my life, she did.  I’m crying now just thinking about her.  She is the love-of-my-life (other than Jesus) and although she is not my “blood” granddaughter, she is my first grandchild!  I could not love her more if I gave birth to her – I could not.  Carrie knew what she meant to me and allowed me to have her almost all the time from the time she was born until now…Bo has no idea I am not her real “Mimi” because I AM HER MIMI and nothing will ever change that, ever!  Now that she is 7, she is learning family trees and such and started thinking about where I fit in since I wasn’t her Mommy’s mother or her Daddy’s mother, who she would be content on visiting once-in-a-while.  We just told her I was her “Special Mimi” and I tell her that Jesus gave us to each other, which He certainly did.  People find it strange that I have the ability to love another child as much as I love my own children which totally confuses me because if you knew me, you would know that is just “so me”.  Love is love and she brought me happiness at a time I thought it was never again possible – she made me live again…she did.  She wants so bad to live with me, she really really does and says to me, “Mimi, I just don’t belong there!

 I have raised her, I have but only because her mother shared her with me and because she saw this unconditional love between the two of us.  I call her Bo because she is my “Booeeuuutttiiifffuuullll Baby”!

Their father went to prison a year and a half ago so her support for the children stopped.  She worked full-time, then her work place closed – so her aunt hired her to take care of her grandmother during the day which hardly pays anything but grandma is not well and she is experienced in that area so she does it.  Carrie did not have the money to pay for the Propane that her house used for heating so she and the kids moved into her mother’s small house because it was just too cold.  While they were there, someone broke into the other house, which sits about a mile out of town and took everything the kids owned.  Their bikes, their new little TV’s, all their toys, everything – they had take a few toys to their grandma’s house (I mean just a few) and we’re told that all was okay because they would get new toys at Christmas to replace the ones that the bad people took.  You know, all the stuff would we tell someone their age to make them understand just what happened without really telling them just what happened.  They think that their Daddy is off working on an oil rig in the ocean…

Today, I spoke to Carrie and she told me she was going to go get the kids what she could – she only had $150.00.  Now, one bike cost 50.00, plus they all need clothes because all their clothes were taken too and what they had left were not for winter so they have been wearing light-wear clothing, not heavy winter “warm” ones…I just cannot stand it.  When I found this out today, my heart was broken, it really was so I decided to call some of my old friends who I said were business owners.  Well, I should have known – most are gone until Christmas is over or they’ve already given their support to needy families.  I did get $50.00 from one local owner who I’ve known for 20 years (of course he is worth millions but that is okay, I’m not judging at all, I’m really not) as I’m just thankful for that.  

This is one of the main ways the enemy gets in, is it not?  Mom feels so bad because she is a good mother, she is and she loves her children but she had not expected all this to happen.  Now, you cannot tell those little kids that “Santa”  forgot them, forgot what he said about replacing their toys and clothes – see what I mean, why my heart hurts so bad?  I just cannot hardly stand it, I can’t.  

So, I’m off to leave to see if I can drive business to business and gather some funds for these babies and if I can, then I will go in the morning to get them some toys and clothes.  Pray for them and their family.  They have lost so much this year and they are so wonderful.  This is my little baby girl who I spoke of that “loves Jesus so much but she loves me just a little bit more”!    

You all are such wonderful friends and we have become a little family here so I’m asking that you pray that they are just so surprised when they wake up Christmas morning and they have packages to open.  I’m going to eat a little bit and off I go – love to all!!!


Mary Beth

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One response to “These Faces Are Very Special to Me

  1. Irene

    December 24, 2013 at 12:52 am

    Oh Mary Beth, what a wonderful person you must be. I pray that everything turns out fine for those beautiful children, may God bless & bring joy and happiness to these delightful kids this Christmas. In His name.


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