Learning Everything “GOD” So He Won’t Leave You? Can’t Feel the Love, Peace Other Christians Have?

23 Dec




Learning Everything “GOD” So He Won’t Leave You? Can’t Feel the Love, Peace Other Christians Have?


So much to learn – so little time…is that what you are thinking?  Stop!  You and I cannot learn what we think we should know about God’s Word in a specific time span we are trying to fit it in…doesn’t work that way and it will  not determine whether or not you go or whether you stay.  Give your body, head, heart and spirit a coffee break and enjoy all that you do know…all that you are already sure of regardless how little or how much that may be.

The Lord is NOT going to spank you for “not knowing enough about Him” – He is not like that!  He is going to bless you for believing in Him, loving Him and for being a faithful believer in everything Him.  Whatever you have not learned here on earth, you will learn in Heaven as we continue to learn there too!  Can you just imagine and believe what is waiting or should I say “who is waiting” to teach us?  King David, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, all the Disciples, Joseph, Esther, Mary, Moses, plus all the prophets of old that the Bible speaks much about.  Can you just believe that!!  Oh, I can hardly wait because it will be the first time in my life that I will finally sit in a classroom praying for the bell NOT TO RING!  lol

If you are seeing others around you or on the internet just beaming with love, peace and joy over our coming days and Lord’s Arrival, and you’re wondering “why oh why” you aren’t feeling the same way as them, it’s because you are on major download right now as you are trying so hard to “cram for the finals” so-to-speak which is leaving no time to “glow” like you see others do.  This more-than-likely, is causing more stress upon you than happiness because you want so much to please Him and you are thinking that you will disappoint Him if you don’t know everything – wrong!  First of all, He does not want stress in your life or anxiety – know this.  He is happy that you are seeking Him, everything Him and He knows your heart, how you are feeling inside and the root reason your days of feeling this way are occurring.  He sees you trying; He sees you “running after His Heart”;  the rest will come but do not let the enemy rob you of your joy you want to stand in by allowing your thoughts to become filled with “lack” instead of “plenty”.  He will fill that lack in everything, even in your lack-of-knowledge!

I was once feeling just like you as I have not always spoke like this, like I do now but know, I can’t help it because I do know Him but it did not happen overnight.  I will say however, He was there the entire time I was learning and is still with me each day as I continue to learn all things God.  Give yourself a break…don’t be so hard on yourself by allowing doubtful thoughts into your mind…


One response to “Learning Everything “GOD” So He Won’t Leave You? Can’t Feel the Love, Peace Other Christians Have?

  1. Irene

    December 23, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    My dear & wonderful Sister, this message could not have come at a better time, your words are just how I feel! I so want more of Him, I get so stressed, where I ought to be happy with our Lord coming, I am really! I’m just so tired. Bless you.


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