Will I Be Forgiven? Am I Disappointing God? A I Bad? GOD DEMANDS RESPECT – GIVE IT TO HIM!

15 Dec

Fear of Not Being Forgiven? Sinning Daily-Feeling Unworthy? Disappointing God? AM I BAD? (Video Link)


Disappointing God? AM I BAD? GOD Demands Respect; Say Your Sorry & Let Him Parent You 2 of 2 (Video Link)


Why, why oh why do we continue to have those nagging, depressing thoughts of going to hell?  Why do we think that God could never or would never forgive us for the things we do, even when we know better but we do them anyway?  It’s like a kid sitting in the back seat of an older model car that still has the car lighters in the back door or back center console and they ask you what it is…and even though you tell them “DON’T TOUCH THAT – IT WILL BURN YOU!” they still push it in, pull it out and yes, stick that finger straight into the burning coil!  OUCH!  It’s kind of like that but understand, God knows this, He does!  Problem is, we keep doing these same silly, stupid acts over and over so in turn, our Parent, The Father God who sits on the Throne of Heaven, is trying to make us see our error and warn us to STOP!  As the Parent of all parents, He has His Eyes on us 24/7 and gives us warning after warning, spanking after spanking, trying to teach us, correct us and lead us away from all the “DANGER” we seem to walk straight into and all things displeasing to the Lord.  Do you think it pleases Him when we hurt?  When we cry?  When we have one disaster after another in our life, just knocking us to the floor over and over again?  NO – but we are not seeing these as lessons, only unfair punishment, saying to ourselves, “Why is God MAKING this happen?  Why isn’t He answering me?”  Really?  Really?

Remember, the earth is sinful and we are born from sinful flesh and into a sin-filled world.  God cannot come down and commune with His Children, His Creation as He once did prior to the “Fall” because He is Holy…the earth is SINFUL AND SIN-FILLED – the two cannot cohabitate together so until Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God Almighty comes to finish what He started, reconciling us back to the Father in Heaven, He must continue to “parent” us from above in the same way He has been doing since the separation.  The key to understanding your life – the “Why Me?” of it all is to know what your Father expects from you, what He demands and requires at all times, just not “sometimes”.  HE DEMANDS RESPECT – HE DEMANDS LOVE, FAITHFULNESS AND AN OBEDIENT CHILD REGARDLESS OF HIS/HER AGE AND THIS IS REQUIRED “ALL-THE-TIME”!  You cannot expect Him to be at your beck-and-call when YOU want Him – when YOU need Him after stashing Him in your back pocket year and year, only bringing Him out front/center when something goes array in your life.  Oh, He is there, He is aware but He is going to make you learn the lesson during the way – He is going to let you sit in that little “time-out” chair for a bit longer before He answers that “life or death” prayer you are begging Him to grant and/or answer.  When was the last time you allowed “this Parent” into your daily life, allowing Him to be privy to your needs, wants, wishes, fears, etc.?  At what moment did you all-of-a-sudden decide to pull Him out of that back pocket you shoved Him into for so long?  Wouldn’t it work better if you kept in touch with Him everyday so He was not “out-in-the-cold” on your busy, “I don’t have time for you” days?  Would it not be a good idea to speak each morning to your Father for guidance, direction…keeping Him up-to-par of the goings-on’s in your life so He is right there, informed and ready-to-go next time?  Ummmm, YES!

First, He always knows what is going on with everyone, everyday, everywhere – so do not be naive in thinking you are hiding anything from Him, EVER!  How can He help you when you don’t ask Him until it’s too late?  Like everything else of this generation – we want a “quick fix” to everything but mainly to our daily problems in life we cannot understand.  Okay, well, if you would invite Him to come along on your morning walks or jog, talk with Him over your morning cup of coffee – He would be involved as you have included Him from the start and He is over-the-moon to have you under His Wings.  You must remember this, He gives you what you ask for so if you ask Him for nothing every day because you are not speaking to Him everyday, well, isn’t He giving you what you are asking – His absence?  Why then are you so surprised when He is far away and not “in your face” when you suddenly NEED HIM?  Really?  Really?  You can’t see how this is going?  How is this works?

Do you know why some people receive more than just His Word…they get insight to the unknown or Heavenly teachings, answers, etc.?  Jesus says it’s because “they never asked Me and if they pray only for My Word, that is all I give them”.  Wow, wow, wow!  Ask Him for what it is you want from Him but ask specifically for what you want!  If you want to know the Secrets of Heaven, the Divine Teachings, Knowledge, Understanding…then ASK HIM FOR THAT – NOT JUST HIS WORD!  Do you want to know the Heart of God – ASK HIM!  If you knew these things, you would know His Heart and how much He loves you/us and would know how not to let these doubts whispered by the enemy into your daily thoughts.  You would know how to have forgiveness for your sins and to strive each day to walk the opposite direction that has been leading to do these things – you become aware of just where you are walking and how you can prepare yourself before you take another step.  You must be aware of your surroundings at all times, all times!

Where do you start, how do you go to the Lord and ask Him to forgive you for being so ignorant to His Ways, His Love, His Gifts and His Heavenly Kingdom He waits to share with you?  You start from wherever your standing right now because wherever that is, He is standing right next to you, waiting, always waiting.  First thing everyone must do – say your sorry…just say your sorry!  He wants to know that you mean it – He wants to FEEL your remorse because remember, He lives in your heart so He can truly feel your plea for His cleansing and forgiveness or your “fake’ act of repenting of things you really think are no big deal and are doing it just to get your way, or so you think.  This again is why the heart is so important…it’s where He lives.  Three little words, “I AM SORRY”, that’s it…those 3 little words is what could make or break a person, give them everlasting life in a Heaven/Paradise full of their Heart’s Desires or the never-ending life of torture, every moment filled with every monster you have ever imagined to be crawling under your bed, in your closet or hidden in the deep darkness of the woods…they are real and all it takes is three little bitty words to decide your fate, whether or not you will live with or without all that roam in the dark.  Again, that is pretty much a no-brainer for me!

God demands respect; He demands attendance in your life; He demands that His Children say “I’m Sorry”!  Like I said, no one has respect for a weak parent, no one and God has no choice but to be strong, never showing His Children weakness because if He did, they/we would pounce and no longer able to see Him as our “Pillar of Strength”, our “Ollie Ollie in Free” that we so desperately need and require in our life.  If God ever changed His Rules, His Ways or His Lessons, He would no longer be God because He cannot lie and He cannot change what was proclaimed, ordained and promised – He must always stay true to His Word, His Ways and His Covenants whether it hurts us or not.  He must always be CONSISTENCY – THE GREAT CONSTANT IN OUR LIFE!

Before you go before God Almighty, give Him the respect He demands, release all that hardens your heart, forgive all who need forgiven and say your sorry.  Cleanse all you have inside, lay all your burdens at the Foot of the Cross then go before Him and ask away…now He can go to work in your life.  You cannot hide evil and invite good in for a play-date – as evil plays with evil and good plays with good – this is why you must ask Him to search for what you may not be able to see and pull it out, remove it so all He Is and all He Has, may reside in you, in His Home, your Heart!  When this happens, you hear Truth, not lies whispered in your ears and you will no longer ask any of those questions that plague you for you stand in full faith and acceptance.


One response to “Will I Be Forgiven? Am I Disappointing God? A I Bad? GOD DEMANDS RESPECT – GIVE IT TO HIM!

  1. Mary

    December 16, 2013 at 4:00 am

    Here is a help for the time ahead. We are all sinners, after water Baptism, one loses God’s
    presence in their soul when they commit a serious (mortal) sin.

    The remedy, Our Lord established Sacramental Confession. Read John 20:23, after Our Lord breathed on the disciples, He said: “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven”…

    How do we know for sure God desires a ministerial priest to stand in His place? It is Jesus who forgives you through His priest son. Here’s how you can know, it has been passed down from the Apostles and Our Lord’s very words in John 20:23…

    To forgive someone, you have to HEAR their sin first. God’s plan makes perfect sense.
    You are assured hearing the priest’s prayer of absolution and it takes humility to confess
    your sins. You take your sins seriously. And very, very important, you receive grace from God to help you be good, to stay in the “state of grace.”

    God knows what He is doing.

    John 20:21-23
    [21] He said therefore to them again: Peace be to you. As the Father hath sent me, I also send you. [22] When he had said this, he breathed on them; and he said to them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost. [23] Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained


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