Are You A Confused Christian? Why? “GOT JESUS” As Your Fundamental Belief Starting Point

08 Dec

Since I started this Blog – CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW – I have received such wonderful support and encouragement from just absolutely lovely, wonderful people all around the world.  Along with that, I receive emails I never contemplated would come to affect my life in such a short time and in such an overwhelming way.

Searching – everyone is searching for something – for answers, for peace, for reasons to the whys, but mainly, everyone is looking for anything Jesus.  We all want HIM, ALL OF HIM, all the time,  so we look for Him wherever we think He or someone or something close to Him, might be.  We surf the web which leads us to different blogs, websites and ultimately, the You Tube Channel where we can watch videos from others that from our perspective, are closer to Him than we are!  They know something about Him or from Him that we don’t or at least that’s what we think.  I mean, look how matter-of-fact they speak and share all they say they know about our Lord and Savior…they have to be right!  So then, you watch them and take to heart all that they pass out to the subscribers or viewers – leading them to other “favored” channels, videos and websites…and it just keeps going on and on from there.  Am I right so far?  Even just a little?  This is what I did for many years because I wanted too, to find someone like me, who believed like me and who could give me a little comfort and support because as I’ve said all along – this is a lonely lonely walk at times.

My point to this is that people are still confused, even after all this knowledge and download’s of information, they are more confused than ever, really.  When I was in prayer a few days ago, I was speaking to the Lord about all the questions, concerns that were expressed in many of the emails I had read and received.  This is what I heard Him say to me:  “Daughter, how can someone love a God they do not know?”

That really made me start to think (that is not always a good thing).  He was soooooo right!  So many of His Children are confused and this is keeping them from truly knowing their Savior, their Messiah, the Jesus I have come to know so well and love beyond what my words could ever expel from my heart, body and soul.  He led me to see that they are in a world of confusion, placed there by the enemy for this is what Satan does…he is the master of confusion.  Many of the population who are looking to be closer and seeking daily communion with the Lord are running aimlessly in multiple directions trying so hard to find that perfect spot under His Wings; problem is, they do not realize the difference in the “teachers” they’ve found comfort in whether from videos, websites or blogs, not all come from the same “basic foundation”, their roots have slightly different views on some very important “root” issues of the Word.  I myself have subscribed to channels and followed easily the message one particular person may have been sharing…just strolling in and out of their link daily, always anxiously waiting and forever ready for their next “message” or video.  After a few months or 6 months, all of a sudden they say something that I do not believe and BAM – unsubscribe – click!  Now, gosh darn it – I have to find someone else I like!  Do you know how long that takes?  So then, the search begins all over again because if the people that person linked to his or her sight loves and agrees with everything they’ve spoken, then they too obviously believe the same teaching that I am opposed to so now, they too are no longer a reliable source of information for me to learn or enhance my walk from.

Then, I asked myself the million dollar question:  “What is their fundamental belief?  What is my fundamental “root” belief and where are the people who believe as I do?”  So, I thought about what I knew, what I studied, what I believed and then, I KNEW WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!  Guess what, I was no longer confused because now I was no longer playing hopscotch with the Word of God – I was hungry for certain food but now had to figure out what kitchen was cooking all my favorites!  Before I sat down and started eating, now I asked what was on the Menu first and right off the bat, right from the “get-go” I knew if they served what I needed to feed my starving tummy…they did!  I ate everything in sight and kept going back because I knew exactly what was cooking in those boiling pots on their stoves.

I do not believe that the Church/Bride/Gentiles replaced the Israelites/Jews at all – but some Christian Denominations believe this as they think that God is finished with them, threw them out never to play with them again and this is absolutely FALSE!  God made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob which He cannot and will not ever break, for if He did, this would then make Him a liar and He is not a liar.  He calls Israel His “unfaithful wife” and yes, He is “SOOOOOO MAD” at her but He says that He will turn His Face back toward her and she will know Him, know that He is God.  His anger will subside and He then will reconcile her back to Him.  The Tribulation for the most part, is to bring the Jews back into the Graces of God and to have the scales removed from their eyes to who Jesus, Yeshua really is, their long awaited Messiah.  Jerusalem is the center of the Universe in God’s Eyes – it is His Love and He will never allow it to be divided.  (THIS IS YOUR GAUGE TO WATCH)

Next, I believe every word of the Bible…I believe every word of the Bible is literal, that it happened as it says or it will happen as it prophecies it will.  Yes, I know that the Bible has been manipulated some, that certain verses have been moved a little to the left and a little to the right…make a few major words skimmed here and there also, but overall, it is the Divine Word of God.  So, if I believe what I say to be true, then I must also believe every printed word in Revelations and know that it too will come to pass just as the writer, the Apostle John wrote.  Just because it’s hard to understand and more than a little scary, does not mean you can just ignore it, believe it’s “allegorical” and John wrote about all the events happening only in a “Spiritual Way”…really?  Really?  What do you believe?  This then leads those Christian Denominations to think and believe that Hell is only a “Spiritual Hell” also, that this to does not really exist…really?  Really?  Nope, not me because this place is spoken about A LOT throughout the Old and New Testament.  It might be referred to as something other than Hell, but however you read and digest it, they are speaking about Hell!

This is how you must find your roots to your basic foundations of your belief…what you actually believe and then, once you have come to terms with whatever ideals you have settled on – then you can move forward into the WORLD WIDE WEB and all it holds!  At least now, you know who and what you are looking for and why you are searching for them and not everyone else.  Now, you have some breadcrumbs to lead you to whatever kitchen you were craving food from.  Now, the thing is – make sure what you feel, what you believe is what you believe and not what you “want” to believe – BIG difference, HUGE as Julia Roberts says.  Make sure it lines ups with the Truth…make sure it has sound doctrine and not false doctrine.  Remember that Satan can shine a pretty bright light upon anything and we all now that people like bright shinywhite lights!

Do you homework, this is what I did.  If it made sense, settled well in my Spirit and had full back-up in what it was saying, pages and pages and pages, then a zillion more pages of confirming documentation, then I would listen and learn…they then had me at “Welcome – Got Jesus”! lol

I believe that the Lord will remove His Bride before the Great Tribulation starts for we are not appointed to wrath, we aren’t, really!  This is our reward for loving Him, being faithful boys and girls even if we had to be spanked every now and then.  I am at heart, a Pre-Tribber, meaning I believe we will be taken before the Tribulation and still do believe this, but now, I’m wondering if we have not already been experiencing a type of “soft” Tribulation – getting ready to now enter a time a Great Tribulation.  I don’t know anymore but really, I don’t care and it does not affect me or my life in the way it once did because I now have Divine Understanding and Knowledge of “Tribulation” and “Great Tribulation” and no longer fear anything that may come in reference to these two times/terms.  I know whatever time He, Jesus Christ of Nazareth chooses to come, I’m ready, I’m going and I will not be harmed…not one hair on my head will be split, singed, damaged or pulled!  I am definitely NOT a Post-Tribber though as they believe they or us Te Bride, will not be “taken” until after the Great Tribulation along with everyone else.  Nope…nope…nope!  What is our reward then for being faithful?  Why does He say throughout the Bible that He will hide us under His Wings, keep us from the wrath to come?  Why does He tell us to be ready at all times because He will come as a thief in the night?  If that was meant for a Post-Trib reference, ah, wouldn’t we know exactly when He would be coming?  I would!  If we do not go before, then how do we come back with Him, His Angels and all the Saints (that’s us too) wearing OUR CROWN’S OF GLORY?  Doesn’t make sense that we come riding through the clouds, charging behind our Lord of Lord and King of Kings – proudly displaying our array of Crowns of Glory if we never went up prior to that time to receive them?  I guess I’m just not that smart as the Post-Trib Christians because I just cannot figure that one out!

So this is what I ask everyone…what do you believe?  You do not have to be confused about this – it’s so easy because once you have your feet cemented into His Footing and His Word, you walk in the world like you own it…like you are the most knowledgeable, smartest, blessed person on this earth because you “Got Jesus”!


2 responses to “Are You A Confused Christian? Why? “GOT JESUS” As Your Fundamental Belief Starting Point

  1. Irene

    December 8, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Thank you for this post Mary Beth. explains a lot! Bless you Irene

  2. Hoang Nguyen (brother)

    December 9, 2013 at 7:43 am

    Yes, I believe a lot of what you said. I also now believe in multiple raptures. I think the virgin Bride will be rapture first, then some Bride who will go need to have her wedding garment cleaned (by tribulation fire) will be taken (raptured), and then others will be taken at the end of the great tribulation.

    I also believe some of the Bride are asked to stay behind or gone up and then sent back to help new believers. Maybe the 250-300 + chosen ones you have spoken of.

    At the wedding feast there is the Groom, the Bride, the guess and the servants (workers).

    I have not confirm any of this with JESUS but have listen to others and piece them together. We need to take everything to the LORD for HIS meaning.

    God bless you all.


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