04 Dec

Strongholds-ALL IN OR ALL YOU OUT; Leave the Prison-Jesus Opened The Doors! Part 1 (Video)

Strongholds-ALL IN OR ALL YOU OUT; Leave the Prison-Jesus Opened the Door – WALK THRU IT NOW! Pt 2 (Video)

Decide, are you IN or are you OUT?  Do you Believe or do you Not Believe?  It’s easy, it’s one way or the other; You’re all in or, you’re all the way out as there is no “in- between” in the belief of our Lord Jesus Christ – who is the Only Begotten Son of Our Father in Heaven, who died a sinless death so we could be forgiven these offenses we commit each day living in this sin-filled world.  Do you believe this or not?  You can’t have partial belief in only the easy or good stuff – you must believe in the hard and bad too!  It’s all or nothing –  there is no way around it.


Are you drifting to His Shores or away? How long can a person wonder the seas and oceans in a lifeboat that was meant only to rescue and bring the lost back onto dry land? Even a little boat like this needs a permanent place to dock and rest from all the rocking forced upon it throughout the journey.

Many people cannot reach the level in their relationship with God because of Strongholds the enemy places around us.  We get so used to living in “limitations”, that we are unable to recognize when Jesus Himself opens the Prison Cell Doors!  We are comfortable in that spot where we have stood for so long…it’s what we know but it’s NOT where we belong!

He, Jesus Christ is everything GOOD, He is GOOD, HE IS LOVE so how can you dwell with all that is GOOD, in full LOVE AND HOPE when you have none?  How can you walk hand-in-hand down the Yellow Brick Road when you continually have to run back to the spot where the house first fell?  Why do we find comfort in the rubble, allowing a certain ill-felt “peace” sitting among  the trampled parts of the house?  It might be in shambles but it’s all you know as you have never lived anywhere else…this is the only home you have ever truly known.

If you sit each day, allowing “All Your Greatest Hits” on DVD play within the walls of your mind – how can you have open eyes to see the open door  right in front of you, let alone take steps to walk through it?  You cannot!  Jesus is your “OLLIE OLLIE IN FREE”; He is you “Home Base” always.  How can you see what He has waiting if you keep running back to that caged cell you no longer are confined to but you stay in because it’s all you know?  How can you walk to your “Waiting Tomorrows” if you won’t let go of all the “Post-Yesterdays” and the damage/bondage experienced there?  If you do not do this then all your tomorrows will be looked upon and expected to hold ALL OF THE SAME PAIN, SAME CONFUSED FILLED DAYS as yesterday!  How can you walk to LOVE when you have convinced yourself it does not and will not stand before you…that LOVE will not walk with you?  All your days become replicated motions of all the days of the past…never allowing NEW MOTION, NEW GROWTH, NEW SMILES, NEW LOVE OR NEW STEPS to The One that is waiting!!  When you cannot see what awaits you – you will always believe that what you have is all you deserve – all you will ever have  – so you learn to just endure your life and all it’s days that include you as a prop, an extra,  rather than it’s original owner, actor and the ultimate piece of art that you truly are.  You must learn to become the “Star” of your own movie, your life story.  Learn to be your own Editor, Director, Writer and Star – but always know just WHO IS THE PRODUCER, the Executive Producer!

These are Strongholds of the Enemy – leave them behind – leave all the “noise and chaos” these Strongholds have caused and will continue in their stride to cause, just where they belong, BEHIND YOU!  Jesus has opened the cages, the barred cell doors we have called “Home” for so long – now walk through them, walk toward Him, walk toward His Light, walk to what you have been searching for and asking for and up till now, have been blinded to.  Walk through His Open Door to Him for HE IS YOUR HOME!

Jesus has opened the cell doors – you are not held to that small spot you have become so comfortable in – walk to all that is Love.


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  1. Shannon, Laura J.

    December 4, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    Hi MB! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

    Could you please add my home address to your subscription?

    I also wanted to ask you your opinion on The Long Island Medium. They seem like a really sweet family, but all throughout the Bible the Lord speaks of staying away from Mediums, etc. Do you think what she is hearing is from demons?

    You had mentioned in comment on the blog that you would be speaking of what you have learned about heaven. Will that be coming soon? J J J

    One last question, you say that some of the Bride will be coming back to gather the harvest. Do you mean those that have been lifted up in the rapture will then come back down?

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J

    Laura Joseph Shannon Regional HR Technology Administrator Hire to Retire 248.435.7808 tel

    Meritor, Inc. 2135 W. Maple Road Troy , MI 48084-9715

    • friendofheaven

      December 4, 2013 at 5:44 pm

      No Mediums! No Mediums! You know Laura, they do not realize what and who is the “Leader” of that realm and how they deceive so easily. I believe the Long Island Medium truly believes this is all good, it’s a true gift from God and it very well may be, but I cannot see how as He is against all that and clearly says to stay away from those “spirits” and “fortunetellers” of any kind. They take shapes/forms and show false everything – this comes very easy to the demonic realm. I will email you privately on this – good questions though!!! Yes, the Bride will be coming back to help those that are left…to Harvest, yes. Laura, have you watched my video as it’s so much easier for me to explain these in person, in the video because I can just speak. I do explain all about the Bride and what happens after we are changed.

      God bless you and thank you for your email address – I’ll see if I an figure out how to change it on here!
      Mary Beth

  2. peajra

    December 12, 2013 at 2:15 am

    Hi Mary Beth, was concerned about you and wondering if you might be sick or just going thru something. I’m not sure, I just hope you and your family are doing well. Hadn’t recieved a e-mail for a few days, and felt I needed to check and make sure you’re okay. I have been praying for you, but if you have just a few minutes would you please let me know how you are and if there is any particlar thing you would like me agreeing & praying about. I will continue to pray for you as well for all the Sparrows. Love & Blessings sister Mary Beth. Patricia Adams

    Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 17:26:23 +0000 To:


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