Confirming Messages; WALK IN BLIND FAITH OF MOSES in Coming Days; Have a Heart Like King David

03 Dec


3 responses to “Confirming Messages; WALK IN BLIND FAITH OF MOSES in Coming Days; Have a Heart Like King David

  1. lucjana

    December 3, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    Could you please write it down? It is very difficult for me to understand you for english is not my mother Language. thank you!

    • friendofheaven

      December 5, 2013 at 4:50 am

      Lucjana – what language do you speak? When I speak in my video – it’s totally from my heart and I am led to speak by the Lord’s Holy Spirit as I never know sometimes what is going to come out of my mouth – but He does! Those are the best teaching. I can say that, because it is the Lord who is speaking to all His Children, sharing what He wants them to hear. I myself, am so surprised and just completely overwhelmed at the final product…I’m being taught too! Good stuff there Lucjana – good stuff!

      I will try so hard to type a semi-transcript of what is on the videos but I sure wish I had someone to interpret them for you! Your missing all the “meat” of what Jesus is trying to express to His Children. He is Love, period. He is Love Coming down, period. All the other stuff that people worry about – what they think will be the “deal breaker” of them going with the Bride of Christ or staying here on earth to face the coming Tribulation is so far off than what His Final Decision criteria is compiled of. He wants to see the goodness in us and if their love is sincere…He doesn’t care if someone wears make-up or not! They are blind to all His Words for He Lived for Love! Remember, if we are Saved and are Children of the Lord, a Member of the True Bride of Christ…and have repented of our deeds/sins, He cannot judge us on those same sins He has forgiven; He is not coming to deceive the Children He loves by contradicting His Word.

      Why He comes to judge the heart of man is because the heart is the only part in our body that cannot lie, cannot be altered or manipulated, it stays it’s course and remains in-tact to the Maker’s Fine Signature that He has embossed on all the hearts of His Children. We can change/alter everything and anything we want in our physical appearance from false eyelashes to plastic surgery…but regardless of these changes, if your heart is not pure, good and empty of falseness, you can never truly be the Beautiful Creature that was made by The Father Himself. Your heart is the true Vessel to God – it’s the Vein of Life to His Kingdom in Heaven and it is the storage of your most valuable, precious and priceless gift to God – Your Story.

      I will really try to see what I can do and let’s make sure we both pray and ask that our Lord Jesus make a way for all to hear these messages clearly!

      With great love and blessings I ask the Lord to send to you now.


  2. Linda Le Roux

    December 3, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Hi Mary Beth. I thank God for sending you to me. I am following your videos for the last week or two. Thank you for all the messages from God. It speaks to me. God knows the difficulty I have to reach my children, husband and family. Please ask God to answer all my prayers.
    Love you. Linda


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