28 Nov

Lost Gospel Which Ones Are For NOW! (Video Link)


ANSWERS TO EASE YOUR HEART OF 3 Days of Darkness (Video Link)


This is a very difficult subject because it crosses the line for some.  I do know this for I felt the same way years ago, but now, I know better.  You need to know these things.  Remember this – God Himself told Daniel to “seal up the Words to the end”, and to John in Rev., spoke of the Mysteries what are “sealed to the end” for they were not for THAT time…they are for THIS TIME NOW!


The Lord is releasing all this End-Time Knowledge, Words and Mysteries to His Children RIGHT NOW!  Do not have a closed heart, deaf ears and blind eyes to this teaching by me or anyone else because this is not from me…it is led by the Holy Spirit who wants this Divine Understanding of these secrets known now, at this time because this is the time it was for!  Remember this!  He is doing EXACTLY what He said He would do and as hard as it is to bring something new into your belief system, do it because this is needed for all the Bride of Christ in order to help others see what the Lord is allowing us to know.  How amazing is He?


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4 responses to “Lost Gospel Which Ones Are For NOW & ANSWERS TO EASE YOUR HEART OF 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS

  1. Irene

    November 28, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    Mary Beth. is Comet Ison anything to do with the coming event? God bless

    • friendofheaven

      November 29, 2013 at 1:27 am

      Irene – I don’t know if it will be Comet ISON, could very well be a contributor to what we are going to experience. I do know that all will be started by a Cosmic Disturbance; that will be the start of it all. I believe Nibiru will come into play too. What we must also remember is that Jesus uses not our calendar, but the calendar of Enoch and the Hebrew. Enoch’s calendar is almost a month later than ours – which showed confirmation of what the Lord had told us this year by showing that the Day of Trumpets started in October instead of September. Scottie from Eternalrhythmnflow has a great video that explains the different time in the calendars (not sure if he uses Enoch’s or not) but this video is great at If you have never watched Scottie, subscribe to his channel, he is so sweet and smart! Good viewing here.

      I will keep you updated on what I know. If you were a follower of Bon’s Blog (Bonnie), you may have seen her prophetic messages from the Lord on her Blog site. Well, Bonnie and I are friends, along with two others who have posted messages from the Lord throughout these last few years, Julie and Sue. We call them the Manna Sisters! The always confirm each other’s words. No, I’m at the tail-end of them but now, all 4 of us hear the same messages, not word for word, but you know what I mean. All the same message meanings Jesus is wanting to get across. The other day, all of us had confirmation with one hour of each other. I had sent them a message received and within an hour, they all posted back to me similar messages all confirming each other. It was quite amazing!

      It’s so hard to explain to people, strangers really what we have been taught this past year. Now, it’s not that others could not have been included, but it was the ones who heard Him Call and who followed the Breadcrumbs He left. It was completely Divinely Led where all of us ended up…Now, it’s just time to share with others…it’s hard to explain but so many here on You Tube are sending out such similar messages because they too have been taught personally what we have – it is just coming to them a bit slower, in more small bits and pieces, but it’s coming out, all of it. That is why the Lord led me to do this – He wants everyone to understand what is coming and what is going to happen, to be ready. So, that is what I must be, and everyone must be is ready! I look for Him to come at any second, moment, minute, hour or day. We all do for that is what He has confirmed to us all. Never an exact day or time, but He has narrowed down the small section of the Season we are in. If it is not ISON, it very well may be a Solar Flare or some type of something coming from the skies. I know it’s Cosmic and that is what starts it all…this I do know!

      I hopes this helps sweet sister! I, like you, look always – but understand it’s all Patterns of the Past. Love you!

      Mary Beth

  2. Irene

    November 29, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    Thank you my lovely Sister, this sure helps a lot! I did follow Bonnie’s blog, I keep going back to it just in case she post something else. Oh how I can’t wait to meet you all, that’s is if I can find you, lol. I’m a bit nervous about the 3 days of darkness, I hope I won’t be tempted to look outside, I read where if we do we will die instantly! Love & blessings Irene

    • friendofheaven

      November 30, 2013 at 7:21 pm

      Oh, I cannot wait to meet you too! Just imagine all of us together in a perfect beautiful place. I am going to share all I know and have learned about Heaven and what is waiting for you! Love to you!


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