Okay – NOW is Here! Are you ready for what is about to come?

27 Nov


First please let me say, thank you all for finding my “little blog page” that the Lord Himself DEMANDED I start…yes He did!  I would have never opened this up but when He started giving me His Divine Voice for my ears to hear, I was so humbled and overwhelmed, pure joy pulsing throughout my body as I just could not believe He, our Precious Lord Jesus, had given me such a Gift.

This past year, exactly, I have been Divinely Blessed with a Gift beyond gifts – to be taught by the Lord Jesus Himself, along with 250-300 other beautiful faithful Children and Co-Brides in Christ.  Wow, just WOW!  Really?  Yes, really.  Did He not do exactly what He said He would do at the End of Days?  Yes, He surely did.  What was the “key” contributing factor between each of us that were chosen, led by the Breadcrumbs of Heaven?  I will tell you what I think – I think it was that all of us had searched and ran after the Heart of God and we had prayed and asked in pure prayer that He may answer just what we asked and searched our hearts for.  I do not know this for sure, but I do know that most all of us had lost almost everything we owned but overcame those obstacles set before us…huge obstacles, life-altering that can change a person’s heart from hot to cold in literally “a blink of the eye”.  Most would have probably cursed our precious Lord and turn their backs on what they thought was a life of uncalled for punishment but we, or most of us, kept our face toward Him and sprinted to be closer and more near our God in Heaven who by allowing these to occur, brought us closer to His Throne.  We were Over-Comers – we over-came what many did not.

Remember through this all – if you are a Child of the Lord’s, a part of the Bride of Christ, then you too were chosen at birth for all who belong to God, are marked by Him at the time of birth.  No matter what road you take throughout your life – all roads lead to Him.  Do not fight it.  Do not curse it.  Do not run from this INCREDIBLE GIFT AND BLESSING YOU HAVE RECEIVED FOR NOT ALL ARE CHOSEN OR CALLED!  All of us were born for this generation now, for this time now and for your role in these End Days all ordained at the beginning of time so you can now walk confidently in your Spirit to do literally the Lord’s Will.  Wow, again Wow!  Do you know you are going to actually participate in the Lord’s Great Plan and Harvest!  Yes, you are!

Now friends – I will tell you what is ahead of us, what is coming upon us NOW!  You must be ready for the 3-Days of Darkness for they are almost here.  When I say “almost”, I mean moments, hours, maybe days.  This is what you will see and how it will happen:


  • First you will see a sign in the sky – a Cosmic disturbance will be upon us and ALL will see it.  When you see this in the sky, DO NOT SIT AND STARE AT IT!  Let this be your warning to get to your home/dwelling and allow all your children and/or family members who are to be there, get there.  Go inside, lock you doors, shut your blinds/curtains, get all your candles/flashlights, food, whatever it is you will need, get it accessible to you.  Do not worry if you have part or none of these things for the Lord will provide for all who do not.
  • Next, the Veil between realms will be lifted/removed and all that has been hidden from us will now walk the earth in plain sight.  DO NOT GO OUTSIDE!  DO NOT SPEAK TO ANY THAT HAS GONE BEFORE YOU – MEANING NO RELATIVES OR FRIENDS THAT ARE DECEASED!  Keep your focus on Jesus…do not look to the left or the right, look only straight ahead to Him and keep praying for He is with you.
  • Jesus will give the Ultimate Gift to Humanity – He is going to come and show Himself, Jesus Christ, Only Begotten Son of  God of the Most High, and He will show each a heart/soul review and allow them to see all the evil or good that lingers there…all what was done in their days of this earthly body will be pulled up and out and they will see all and feel all.  At that time, each person will have the opportunity to go to their knees and repent and ask forgiveness of the sins they committed.  He is giving every single person on this earth a chance to have everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven and all they must do is ASK HIM FOR FORGIVE THEM!
  • Then, all of His Children – the Bride of Christ, will be infused with the Spirit of God – the same Spirit that Jesus and The Father share will be poured over so it will dwell within us always, transforming our earthly bodies to those we now take to Heaven – Our Glorified Body!  We then will be taken to the Kingdom of Heaven where we will learn the Secrets of Heaven and have Heavenly Training for the Last Great End-Time Harvest.  Those who are chosen to come back will do so and they will arrive back on earth, in their NEW BODIES and appear to those they are specially appointed to so they may help them enter Heaven…the Last Harvest.  Jesus says that we will literally “pull them from the pits of Hell” and that we will do more than He did…we will do the same as what He did when He walked the earth but more will we be blessed with!  Wow!  Remember, all is Patterns so we too will follow the exact Pattern as Jesus after He arose from the Tomb and walked the earth for 40 days and nights.

There are many reasons we look to this time – but what we have been taught this past year has led us to the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah time of year – but remember also, we cannot go by our calendar, and sometimes not even the Hebrew Calendar but as the Lord taught – it is ENOCH’S CALENDAR that states the true timetable of the Lord.  What we might see as the correct “Season”, may not be so if compared to Enoch’s so you must keep this in mind…not all is as it seems.

So, cleanse your heart of all impurities and forgive all regardless of the offense.  Pray, pray and pray for yourself and your family, petition the Lord right now that all will be saved and taken to what God Almighty has waiting.  Wait until you see what Heaven has in store for you!  Did you know that your Mansion, as all the Mansions of all Believer’s who will enter Heaven – were started in their construction the day you were born?  That every mental or vocal comment you made about what you loved and wanted was indeed recorded and noted, as well as all your Heart’s Desires?  Did you know that He was telling you the truth when He said He would give all their true Heart’s Desires?  Well, He is and He has!  Just wait what you will see!

Be ready for I look for Him now, any time and any day now for He has given us His Word and Confirmation again today, 3 in fact within an hour of each other.   Give Him thanks and glory for He is truly our Love and He is Love Coming Down, be ready for your Husband Comes Now!

God Bless all of you and I can’t wait till we meet in Heaven (in our 25 year old bodies)!

Mary Beth


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25 responses to “Okay – NOW is Here! Are you ready for what is about to come?

  1. Daniela

    November 27, 2013 at 8:04 am

    I believe the Last Harvest has to do with what Jesus spoke of in John 10:16 ” And I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice. ” But what do you mean with we will do more than He did??????? Can you also give a bible reference to: Those who are chosen to come back will do so and they will arrive back on earth??? 

  2. Irene

    November 27, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Dear Sister in Christ. I truly hope this is true because nobody believes when I tell them, even A Christian friend sent me an email this evening saying she didn’t know what to make of it but so glad nothing became of it, not realising it is still to come very soon.
    I’ll tell you this though! a lady prayer warrior from the healing rooms, told me of a 70 year old lady that was driving her car on the motor way, when suddenly she had to stop and pull over onto the hard shoulder because she heard someone speak to her, there was no one else in the car. A highway policeman came up behind her and asked why she had stopped, her reply was ‘ she heard a voice saying Jesus is coming soon and I was shocked to hear it’ The Officer said ‘you are the 3rd person today that has done the same as you and told me the same words’ surely that has to be telling something?

    God bless Irene

  3. Hoang Nguyen (brother)

    November 28, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    I want to add that we should pray for God to save the souls of our family, friends, or the lost. I learned recently that if you ask God to save them, this means physical salvation not eternal salvation. We must ask that HE save their souls or give/grant them eternal salvation. Of course, they must choose HIM and repent. God bless and keep you all.

  4. Jessica

    November 29, 2013 at 2:37 am

    I don’t know if rapture comes after the last harvest then the feast, so you need some kind of rapture thing as you said there will be heavenly training, where did you learnt this from? Or just basically infusing of the Holy Spirit on earth? What about the bride of christ regarding life review and repentance? Isn’t sins forgiven for this who are covered in the blood of Christ, so past sins are forgotten or perhaps forgiven all past, present, future sins? Or would it be just unknown sins to repent of for the bride? Sorry for so many questions! I am so interested, especially the 3 days of darkness in which I am anticipating…I heard it was said to come next 2 days, however I am not sure and I am not saying it is a definite thing, but I hope so! I have warned people about it and it wasn’t a nice experience like you know…mockers and scoffers, like you are all alone about this thing everywhere. I am glad I have found your blog and many other places! I really do feel that when you seek, you shall eventually find! Anyway, really nice to meet you Mary!

    • friendofheaven

      November 29, 2013 at 6:31 am

      Jessica, I here with you, I just need to go to bed now but I will explain to you everything I know when I get up in the morning and had my coffee! I’ll tell you what I now!

      So glad we are meeting now too!

      Mary Beth

    • Irene

      November 29, 2013 at 5:53 pm

      Hi Jessica, I’m having the same experience! when I tell others they either laugh, walk away say don’t be daft etc. My daughter have even called me mad and that she doesn’t want to hear any more of this nonsense. In His name. Irene

      • friendofheaven

        November 30, 2013 at 7:20 pm

        It’s called “Crazyland”…welcome to it! Your in good company!

  5. Gaia

    November 29, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Good morning Mary Beth, I’ve been checking your blog in the past few days, and I noticed similarities with the content of many others: Bon’s blog, sparrow etc.
    I’m writing to you from Rome and I found your messages very fascinating.
    I hope what you say it’s true, I mean about Jesus coming back, but not for me….I’m concerned about the 100.000 Christians who are killed every year in the world. Who does care about them?
    I had strange dreams in the past two years, they were showing me some kind of rapture, new places on Earth and in the last 6 months there were many referrals to the Revelation’s book.
    I’m not a huge fans of Bible but after those dreams I discovered their real meaning. There was something prophetic in them.
    Of course I spoke to my local priest about these things and he told me to stay down to earth. Since then I don’t care so much about dreams, I mean, I do it in the proper way.
    At that time, when I had these dreams, I wasn’t reading any of your webpages, so it’s really interesting.
    We must go ahead in our day life cause as Christians we must be ready anytime, anywhere.

    See ya.

    • Gaia

      November 30, 2013 at 1:55 pm

      I meant, I hope too that Jesus will come back, and I’m not worried about myself but I’m very tired of watching Christians killed everyday. That’s really sad. Bye

      • friendofheaven

        November 30, 2013 at 7:19 pm

        Oh I know – don’t worry or doubt – HE IS COMING just as He said He would. He is just trying to prepare ALL so none will miss out…that is how loving and wonderful He is! He is truly LOVE COMING DOWN!! Please, don’t ever be timid about posting – that is why we are here!!!!

    • friendofheaven

      November 30, 2013 at 7:23 pm

      Gaia – you know that the Lord is calling you…He wants you to follow the Breadcrumbs. He hears you…He knows what is in your heart. Listen to what He is trying to tell you and show you – for that is when you know you are one of His because HE CALLS YOU – HE CHOOSES YOU! Love to you sweet sister…keep listening please, nothing is by chance, nothing.

      • Irene

        December 6, 2013 at 5:42 pm

        Hi Mary Beth, I keep asking the Lord to confirm things to me, just as Bonnie said that we should now, but so far I have not had a reply. I listen carefully, but nothing! I pray I am one of His sheep. Blessings Irene

  6. Shannon, Laura J.

    December 2, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    Hi Mary Beth! I have been lead to your site as well as others in the past few months. I so look forward eagerly to our Lord coming!!!! Sometimes I feel like it’s never going to happen and perhaps the three days of darkness is my wishful thinking. I see in your writing that you reference 250 to 300 others receiving messages. I know about Bon’s Blog as well as Julie from Behold I Come. Are you saying that there are many others that you keep in contact with?

    Thanks!!!! Laura J

    Laura Joseph Shannon Regional HR Technology Administrator Hire to Retire 248.435.7808 tel

    Meritor, Inc. 2135 W. Maple Road Troy , MI 48084-9715

  7. Tariul

    December 4, 2013 at 2:06 am

    In all love and humility i say this not to condemn or judge.

    So the 3 days of darkness did not come to pass since we are heading to weeks and months. Since the Holy Spirit doesn’t make mistakes can we assume that this is maybe not from the Holy Spirit.
    The Word says 1 John 4:1 “Beloued, beleeue not euery spirit, but trie the spirits, whether they are of God”

    My question is Mary did you test that “Jesus” that came to you?

    • friendofheaven

      December 4, 2013 at 5:00 am

      I still love you even when you ask that! Yes – and, I never ever claimed to say I knew when this would happen…never set a date. All of us who hear from the Lord that have confirmation, one after another, all heard the Lord’s same Words to each other…but, His Time is not our time and the Festival of Light has not concluded. Again, I have never claimed to now the date or time and have never set one. I have said over and over and over gain – I do not know what His “Now” is, I do not know what His “Moment” is. I just know He is here in the air and ready-to-go! This I do know!

      How we know for fact that there will be 3-days of darkness is because it is a PATTERN of the Bible. Before there has ever been a “Delivering” of sorts, 3 days of darkness has always come before it…always. Even when Jesus was in the Tomb for 3 days and 3 nights – what did He do? He delivered the souls from Sheoul and by His Death and Resurrection, He delivered us from death. Before Moses delivered God’s People into the Promised from the 400 years of bondage, there was 3 days of darkness. Also, it is written throughout when speaking of “days to come” about the darkness that will befall the earth, it is 3 days, patterns…always patterns.

      You would not be a Good and Righteous Child of God if you do not ask the questions you do! I’m not offended. But people need to hear or read every word because even though I may “think” or “hope” for a time – I’ve never ever stated a date or time. I do know we are in “the season” and we are in the “now” part of the that season. Thank you for being a worried, caring man of God – it’s okay but yes, yes and yes again…I’ve tested and continue to test!

      Don’t ever hesitate to reply or ask – I truly have no problem with it…

      • Tariul

        December 4, 2013 at 12:43 pm

        Thanks Mary may i ask how you tested the spirit? Also have you ever had deliverance since you became a born again christian?

        What i don’t understand is in your post you said “When I say “almost”, I mean moments, hours, maybe days.” So are you saying that it isn’t days anymore was it Jesus that told you it is going to be now within days? The people you are in contact with all of you sharing the same thoughts and all getting the same confirmations from Jesus?

        Also what is your opinion on the word of faith teachings and the Toronto blessing, Bethel church and the people that preach along those lines like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley ect


      • friendofheaven

        December 4, 2013 at 5:53 pm

        Hi, I’m going to email you via my gmail account! MB

      • Tariul

        December 6, 2013 at 5:37 am

        I’ve accepted your request not sure though i’m not receiving any emails.
        Just email straight to the one i’m using here.

  8. luluvioleta

    December 4, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Hello Mary Beth and other readers.
    I also find myself anxious about “what if this isn’t true and nothing happens…” I wish it to happen because heaven is infinitely better than anything here but it all seems so fantastic.
    I’ve been reading Julie’s and Bonnie’s and recently also this blog and I was excited for the past 3 months because of the messages – they were so urgent. Bonnie said a few times she believed the cosmic even would happen by about the end of October this year. From the September/October messages you’d get an idea things would progress very fast already… and yet 2 months later even the first event hasn’t happened yet… Then of course it makes me doubt that these messages are from the Lord. Because if it’s going to take yet months (or years??) why so much urgency in the messages already now that suggests it’s going to happen any day now? That doesn’t make sense… because people cannot bear this sense of urgency and expectation for so long (especially when we have no idea how long it will take yet) and they will lose the sense of urgency again thus the purpose of the messages will be gone – I hope you understand my point.
    Peace of Christ be with you, and I’ll still be waiting for updates (I’d prefer text on the blog to videos if possible; it make take longer for you but it’s easier for readers who don’t have time for videos or don’t have good internet connection or like me don’t have English as their first language – reading is much easier to understand).

    • friendofheaven

      December 4, 2013 at 8:32 am

      Yes, it’s easier to do a video because I get to truly speak from the Heart. I’m not sure if you have watched them all, if not, you need to because I have address much of what you asked above. Bonnie, Julie and I are all friends and email daily or every other day. What others are not seeing, is the confirmation of all our Words from the Lord. He has explained this very question have asked . Tomorrow, I will do my best to write a page and post it on the Blog.

      There is so much we haven’t shared yet – so do not doubt right now – please do not do that! Look how long Noah warned, 120 yrs. We know we are in the season, and in the right “section” of the Season He is returning. Again, you have watched my videos, I have spoken about all of this! I will try to something down tomorrow.

      God Bless you and don’t doubt, it’s all going to happen just as we were told, just as we were told!

      Mary Beth

  9. luluvioleta

    December 4, 2013 at 9:29 am

    Thank you, I will surely look forward for more! It’s difficult for us who don’t have any personal confirmation about this.
    In the past it didn’t bother me that I couldn’t know when the rapture could be, because I didn’t read any of such messages and I didn’t occupy myself with the idea that it could be very soon. But now I’m anxious and hopeful because of these messages, but also a bit afraid that it will be a disappointment if there’s yet more time left that what I imagine because of these blogs and videos… I almost haven’t watched the videos because currently my device’s sound quality is not good plus I’m not a native English speaker and not from an English speaking country and reading is a lot easier to understand to me than listening. God bless you!

  10. luluvioleta

    December 6, 2013 at 9:20 am

    I believe if you could reply especially to Tariul’s question in their second paragraph in their second post more readers here would be interested.
    Also I’ve tried to look up more about this prophecy and found out that it goes back to about 200 years ago when it started within ultra traditional Catholic circles. Some of their words are exactly like what I read on Julie’s and Bonnie’s blogs (also about the event of God revealing to people the real state of their soul and giving them one last chance). And that’s the suspicious part – as I said ultra traditional Catholic, which means their prophecies had also these other aspects to them: there’s no pre-trib rapture, eventually a true pope will be brought about supernaturally, and the most concerning part – what decides about your salvation is not faith in Christ but complete faithfulness to the beliefs and practice of the Catholic church! According to them we all non Catholic don’t even stand a chance. And in the circles where these prophecies originated we’re not even considered Christians. I cannot accept that Jesus would recognize only Catholics! But why are protestants now adopting prophecies from extremist catholics?

  11. Irene

    December 6, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    I love you Mary Beth, as I do Bonnie, Julie and others ,and all my brothers and sisters in Christ, but I also am beginning to wonder if anything is going to happen very soon. Why is Bonnie holding back her email address? no one can contact her, why? why has Julie gone to a new home if the Lord is returning for His Bride imminently? why has Erin received no more messages since 17th Nov, when before she seem to be having these dreams/visions every few days, if not every day? I hope you can give me answer, I so want the Lord to come! Many Blessings Irene

    • friendofheaven

      December 6, 2013 at 6:23 pm

      I’m am putting something together, will the Scriptures, everything and it’s taking awhile to finish but I’m almost there! It’s all good and yes, it will absolutely happen!!! I have to finish something around the house, then I’m going to work on my Huge Post of everything, then I’m going to email you back, okay! Oh yes, He is coming!!! Remember too, Israel is our gauge and we must watch every day for the news there, every day.

      love you stay strong! MB

  12. Bride of YAHUSHUA

    April 29, 2014 at 10:18 am

    I am very confused and it need to keep it clear about this 3 days of darkness concept. I remember you said there will be 7 days heavenly training of the bride going to paradise instead of staying during the darkness for they have already reconciled with God, 40 days last harvest and coming to the last harvest in our new bodies which is the glorified body, yes? If so, you believe that there will be 2 raptures? One for the bride going to paradise and the other after the past harvest? However, what I get is that Bonnie meant on her blog is that there is no 2 rapture, not only 1 which I reckon is right after the last harvest period. Secondly, 40 days harvest after 3 days of darkness? It is possibly not that exact date because no man knows the exact time and date of God’s return, not even JESUS…please respond me, Mary Beth. Thanks. I want to note that the infusion of the HOLY SPIRIT was described as a transformation from Bonnie’s blog, it did not explicitly said infusion means to be changed into our glorified bodies. You know well of the biblical patterns, if so, how are you going to explain the pattern of 7 days heavenly training for the last harvest?


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