Response to Nay-Sayers Regarding Addictions & Saved Christian’s Place in Heaven

20 Nov

Response to Nay-Sayers on Addictions & Heaven  (Video link)

If a fellow sibling in Christ does not think anyone I spoke of in the previous Addiction Videos will be given entrance into Heaven, then we must have two separate Lord’s for mine died on the cross so my sins would be forgiven.  If your a Child of the Lord’s, does He not forgive you what you ask and bring before Him? That is why I say pray for forgiveness everyday – give it to Him everyday.  He cannot forgive one sin without forgiving another!  If you’re a Child of  The Lord who loves Him with all your heart and soul – this is who I am speaking about!  I’m speaking of those who have accepted The Lord and struggle with these, but  He judges your heart and if you’ve been saved – He is True to His Word and will forgive you.


God bless all us sinners for we ask each day for the forgiveness He offers – go before Him and give it all and lay it at the Foot of the Cross.


Mary Beth


One response to “Response to Nay-Sayers Regarding Addictions & Saved Christian’s Place in Heaven

  1. Patricia Adams

    November 23, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    Sister in Jesus I am so glad that you obeyed the Lord and made these videos. I know you have helped a lot of God’s people, our sister’s & brothers. I smoke but I know that I am going to live with my Jesus when He comes. I love Him with all my heart & being. I want to be with Him so much.I just want to go Home and be with Him forever. The one video you made about it not being a sin to wear makeup, wear pants, or get your hair cut. The Holy Spirit taught me this when I recommited my life back to Jesus when I was 25 yrs. old. Because I grew up where God’s people were told that all these things were sins. I never believed that it was but I grew up thinking that if I did one thing wrong that I had went back on God and might as well give up. Well I;m so glad that Jesus never gave up on me because He knew what was in my heart. So the Holy Spirit also taught me that if I do something wrong or sin, that all I had to do was ask for forgiveness & cleansing and that Jesus would forgive & cleanse. The precious Holy Spirit let me know that I had not went back on the Lord and not to give up. That’s been many years ago. I am now 63 yrs. old, and the Lord has never failed me or forsaken me. God bless you sister! I love you and I hope not too long from now I’ll get to meet you in Heaven. Be blessed and just keep obeying the Lord, and I know you will!


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