What were the defining moments, or THE defining moment when life as you knew it changed? Maybe this will help…

12 Nov

I should add that before you read the Post below, that is was written by me but it was by Divine Inspiration from the Lord.  I was cleaning house this day and as I was walking from room to room, something caught my attention on the television.  I sat down immediately because I could not leave – I could not get the words I just heard out of my head and my Spirit.  The Lord just kept saying to me over and over “Defining Moments – these are what changes in ones course/path in life is ALLOWED from.  These moments in time are when choices are made, right or wrong and the consequences/actions given once your path down this chosen road is taken.”  It was quite strong…I’ve never been able to see it another way now.  I was in the middle of cleaning and as any woman, or man will tell you, that is one thing you don’t do when you are in a cleaning mood – stop – because once you do, it’s hard to get your “cleaning-groove” back in motion!  Stopping is a no-no when cleaning but I had no choice in the matter.  Again, I had to immediately get a paper and pen and just started writing…not stopping until if was finished.  Needless-to-say…the house did not get cleaned that day!


There is a moment in everyone’s life that defines who they will be, not who they are or who they want to be but who they will become. This does not mean that this happening or transformation will be through any premeditated thought or process…it just is and will be. Contrary to belief of many, this moment comes like a thief-in-the-night but can and will be a lingering thorn in your side for eternity, literally.

I was watching a movie on HBO and at the beginning, the lead actress says to her cheating boyfriend, “There was a moment you decided to do this…and at that time, that specific moment, you had a choice. You could have walked away or not and it was in that moment, you chose not to.” She was right, everyone has “that” moment. My question to you is, “What will you do in your moment?” Chain reaction is a funny thing to watch if your not standing near the blast, but when your in the “kill-zone”, you are suddenly peddling backwards trying to stop that locomotive train as it progressively moves forward pounding it’s tracks, leaving you with a feeling in the pit of your stomach factual knowledge that this ride will either be 1) the thrill of your life or 2) be the beginning of the end of life as YOU know it. Either way, this moment allowed the birth of a sequence of life-altering events which detours your course set from the start and life will never be the same again, at least not until you swim through shark infested waters.

How long is a moment anyway? A second, less than a second? I really can’t say but I know when my moment was; I can remember it like it was yesterday. Some, I believe, were not meant to have such hardships in life, at least not like those many of us have experienced. We changed our path in life without contemplating our fate: What we would be put through in order to allow that moment’s not-yet-produced-actions and outcome to materialize in order to put us back on the path we were destined for. For those who ask, “Why me Lord?”, my response is it’s not to punish but to restore…a restoration back to your original purpose, path and birth right granted to you by your Creator. This Gift is always under a threat of removal by the enemy and I can assure you that he is delighted when these “moments” arise and the chaos the manifest.

It’s a crippling, tear-jerking revelation when we become truly honest with ourselves. We can try to lie about it for years; try to forget just why the decision we made affected us the way it did – but we can’t run forever as we must show our faces each day in the mirror. What does that face tell you? In the beginning, mine would say, “It was gift from God, a blessing!” As the days of looking turned into years, my time in that reflection grew less and less because I knew He did not “bless” me with something or someone whose blessing He could not give…it was against His Holy Nature and Way. Finally, I looked hard and long, thought hard and long too before releasing the truth of the lie from my lips – that was when it began to fully resonate just what “that moment” had cost me.

Childhood in a funny, unpredictable time in a person’s life and it is during that time we get a pretty good look at who we were made to be. We don’t know why we are like we are but the groundwork is laid. Some say, “Let the chips fall where they may!”, I don’t think so, it’s way deeper than that…it’s Divine. I always knew God was with me, didn’t know how, but I knew and that gave me self-confidence and reassurance as I aged. How did I know? Thing is, He knew and He knew me and knew what He made me to be and although I knew not my purpose, He was sure of it and in His Almighty Grace, He quietly planted a seed in me and watched me grow, and in His All Knowing Wisdom, knew exactly when that seed would dry almost completely up or the precise second it would practically burst out of my body from over-watering. He knew, I did not. I felt Him all the time and I knew to fear what I couldn’t see but knew had ultimate control over every instance in my life and my eternal life.

What makes one person to have the ability and gung-ho to charge through life seeing nothing but opportunity, love and all things good while others looking through the same glasses see just the opposite, only doom and gloom? It’s always been easy for me to love, to like everyone and to genuinely care what happens to others, even strangers which at times has caused me to lose much needed sleep. What keeps a person like me from seeing those big bad people roaming almost everywhere in this world? Why did I refuse to see bad in almost everyone, a constant Trojan for the good inside? Don’t know but it came from within and was honest and natural. What kept me from doing many of the things my teenager friends were doing – having an unseen spirit of “don’t disappoint Him” always flowing through my blood? I am no more special or specially loved than the next person and actually, that thought was never a dwelling point wondering around in that ADD riddled brain of mine! When I was younger, I just knew we all had different lives that went in different directions, but it wasn’t until I was at the crossroads of “my moment” that I begin to understand it all. It was a time when God allowed me to make my own decisions about that seed He planted years ago and gave quiet permission to the enemy to join the party. At that point-in-time, I had a pretty good handle on just why life can go from good to bad or bad to good within a blink of an eye! Then, in what seemed like a nano-second, the veil was removed and the bad came calling. I was so unprepared for the sadness my defining moment allowed in.

Sin is everywhere but we think of them in two categories; 1) Little Sins; and 2) Big Sins. We seem to be able to function normally in our daily life thinking in these terms but there are those thoughts we all have in the far off distance of our mind regarding the Big Sins. Would we ever be able to commit one, no, no not me, no, not ever! Wrong! First of all, when we make decisions on our own without consulting the Father, they are just that, ours, so subsequently the path our thought process has lead us down may not be the one He pre-destined for us to take, the easy one we walked on not-so-long-ago. Once we make that turn, it is usually not till the mid-way point we realize “oh no, this is not where I want or should be” but regardless of giving it your best college try, your feet cannot budge or remove themselves from that path and now, you see “bad people”. It is then you must realize you have to follow the Yellow Brick Road and accept the fact it’s not up to you to decide how fast or slow you reach The Emerald City. Big Sins affect not only our life, but the lives of our children/family and one would be wise to remember this when that old thought “I’m not hurting anyone” or “the only one that will be affected is me” is about to be expunged from your lips cause you are wrong again. If your the driver of the car, your passengers have no choice but to take the ride with you as they go where you go! The enemy comes in many forms and will appear as a beautiful shining light to some so use your Light that has been given to us at birth; use it to discern what is right, wrong, good or bad. If your defining moment is based on anything contradicting to God’s Word or Laws, you can bet the farm it is not a gift from God and is not a blessing to your life, no matter what color format it comes in. If the Little Sins in your life become part of your life, no longer allowing you to see they are just that, sins, your moment was not so defining and if I was you, I would prepare for what is about to unfold, the removal of your blinders, alerting you to the spiritual dangers your deafness, dumbness and blindness hand-delivered personally to you. A good housekeeper does not sweep the mess under the rug…they remove it, tossing it all out as what sense does it make to leave just a “Little” mess? Rid them and the entire pile at the same time so you can smile and say, “This house is clean!” (I couldn’t resist that!)

Thing is, when we do not learn our lesson in life about sin and allow a “moment” to dictate years of unnecessary off-the-road traveling and the miles of wilderness site-seeing trails that come along with it, consequences become an everyday occurrence. How do we react to these? Well, we can either blame God and say He doesn’t love us, care about us, even say He doesn’t exist; or, we can run to Him, full speed ahead with arms open wide. We can get-to-know Him and what He expects from us, learning first hand, front and center and do not take someone else’s word on this…take His Word. He is just waiting to forgive you and for your healing journey to start. He knows about “moments” as He has had many of them and has had to watch many of His Children have them. I wonder if He’s like, “Okay, here we go again!” Just think how many times He is probably leaning to the left or the right of His chair trying to get you to go that way, opposite of what you chose. This is not His first rodeo and although He already knows the outcome and which way you will lean when your “moment” comes; He is All Good so of course He is cheering for the “Walk-Away Joe” finale but more times than not, it’s the “Jesus Take the Wheel” synopsis that arises and that is why He allows it. He wants to take the wheel! Either way, those that are His are His and those that are not, are not although it is His wish that none shall parish but again, He knows the ending to the story. Remember, consequences lead to change, change leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to wisdom, wisdom leads to forgiveness, forgiveness leads to God, God leads to blessings and blessings lead to love and love leads you to the door of Life, eternal life for which we all are offered.

This is why some of us have it easier at the beginning or end or harder at the beginning or end…we all have our defining “moment” somewhere in between and the consequences that follow but in the end, it will all be as it is Written and each one of us will be in the exact spot He has so destined, no where else. You see, that seed that He planted within each of us must be harvested and when it is, it will be determined if it’s healthy, a sturdy-watered thriving seed or just a dried-up piece of dirt, withered and dead from ignorance and neglect. We were all given the same gardening tools to be used at different times in our life, some used with different techniques, but had the same outcome while others, never even bothered to learn what each tool’s specialty and/or use even was and to me, one of the most crucial defining “moments” missed.

In the end, we are all defined by moments in our life. We are all given moments of chance, moments of change, moments of peace, moments of wisdom, moments of forgiveness, moments of love, moments of all things good. We are also given moments from the enemy, moments of all things bad; moments of lust, moments of hatred, moments of desire, moments of grief, moments of madness, moments of untruth, moments upon moments of everything unpleasant, wrong and full of temptation. What will you do when your “moment” comes?

All roads lead to God; all decisions lead to God’s judgment. You see it doesn’t matter how you started the race, good/bad/blessed or indifferent but it’s what hill you climbed or cliff you jumped from after your defining moment in life was experienced and, how you overcame all you were exposed to and characters aligned with while you walked the Yellow Brick Road. Did you enhance the beauty of your path, love the unnoticeable, care for the unlovable, drag the unmovable or pray for the unbelievable? Did you walk the wide side kicking everything at your feet into the unknown without knowing just what it was you were kicking or did you stay on the narrow side, inviting every one and every thing you passed, closing your eyes to the imperfections, making room for all who yearned for love, forgiveness, and the granting of gifts upon arrival of their final destination in the Emerald City.

All this, all this is defined by a “moment”. Remember, it’s an itsy bitsy speck of time and if met with wisdom, can give you the path in life God first set out for you. If you, in that moment, give into it with “what do I have to lose”, you’ll find the answer. There is too much wasted time, too many tears and an overall wear and tear on your body, soul, heart and spirit that just may have been avoidable. We cannot fight the inevitable, you can try with all your might, but your just “tayying in the wind” (one of my favorite lines from the movie Nell) because in the end, it’s His Way or no way so please, chose your “moment” wisely.

We are fast approaching changes to this country that will have irrevocable consequences with the Lord Himself in charge. Many Americans will be in positions that will demand they make many defining moment decisions…decisions you cannot come back from as time is not our friend at this stage in the game. Remember who you are, where you came from and why you are here. The enemy wants you to forget, forget the purity of love, the core of it all. I pray you remember all that is at stake when your moment comes.


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3 responses to “What were the defining moments, or THE defining moment when life as you knew it changed? Maybe this will help…

  1. Patricia Owens

    November 13, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    A very good read! Thanks so much… loved reading this….Now, there is a wonderful book called He and i by Gabrielle Bossis…from 1936 to 1950 she wrote down what Our Lord said to her….it is the most amazing reading! How tender, how encouraging and loving is Our Jesus! You can obtain it from; – I cannot recommend it enough…such peace it will give souls! One thing He says is: “don’t wait to be pleased with yourself to give yourself to Me…just throw yourself into My arms just as you are! I came to heal and restore.” There is sooo much love from Him in this book. Gabrielle was a simple, humble soul in love with God. And she shares all her conversations in this remarkable book from Our Jesus to us. I pray the whole world would read this book! Love and prayers to all – Patricia O

    • friendofheaven

      November 15, 2013 at 4:49 am

      Patricia, thank you so very much. I’m going to search for the book you referenced as all His Words are so very crucial for all of us now. All blessings I can pray and ask the Lord to send your way…I do so no dear sister in Christ!


  2. Mary, a Catholic friend and fellow "watcher"

    November 18, 2013 at 10:55 am


    You can find it, it is written in 1John besides the oral Word of God passed down from the

    “Sin is everywhere but we think of them in two categories; 1) Little Sins; and 2) Big Sins”…

    Catholics know them as venial (lessor) sins and mortal (grave, serious) sins. The “mortal” sins, one loses completely God’s presence (after water baptsm)i in their soul. God is so
    merciful and forgiving but we must first act, repent from the heart with true contrition and
    confess our mortal sins to God.

    Jesus breathed on the Apostles and part of His next words were “whose sins you shall
    forgive, they are forgiven”, you have to HEAR someone’s sins to forgive them. Jesus
    established the Sacrament of Confession. The Apostles are/were the first ministerial

    Until the coming and very soon “awakening” our brothers and sisters in Christ at present reject Sacramental Confession, they must personally confess their mortal sins to God right

    There will be a harvest, many will change at the “awakening.” Catholics know the “awakening” in prophecy as the Great Warning.

    Julie Whedbee, Bonnie of Australia, who are non-Catholic Christian prophets are hearing about the “Warning”, it is called the Warning in their messages too.

    Julie and others, Amanda Leonard, Chris Williams, Yolanda Ballard, etc are also hearing in their messages about the pinnacle, the tops, the very summit of the faith.

    They are receiving messages from Our Lord about His presence in the Holy Eucharist. Alleluia!

    God’s desire is that we all believe the same and He is going to show the world, non-Christians too. There is only one Truth, the reason Jesus established one faith but free will may stop some from accepting it even after God’s divine “awakening.”

    Pray for conversions and remember, only God can show you every moment of your life.

    1John 5:16-17
    He that knoweth his brother to sin a sin which is not to death, let him ask, and life shall be given to him, who sinneth not to death. There is a sin unto death: for that I say not that any man ask. [17] All iniquity is sin. And there is a sin unto death.


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