11 Nov

This message as not given to me by the Lord, but it was Divinely Inspired.  This is how the Lord as explained why some have open eyes to clearly see all in front of them, the happenings around them and the sealed events to come.  I TRULY LOVE this explanation, I hope you do to!Image


Everyone’s walk with the Lord is a different one – but designed so all reach the path laid for them from the beginning. All roads lead to God and to His Rewards in His Kingdom of Heaven at the appointed time. Yes, it is said that no one knows the Day or the Hour, but we will know the exact season!

What is hard for many of His Children to understand is that each learn at a different pace and many who run after the True Heart of God, pray for Gifts that others feel are not necessary for them to hear and know in order to achieve what they strive for in their own journey/walk with the Lord. The Lord is there for everyone as is His Divine Knowledge of all things past and present.

One’s Prayers differ from that of their sisters and brothers in Christ and the Lord Himself gives His Children what they seek, what they ask for at the required time needed so they may stand at the spot He so ordained at the exact moment in time He predestined. He foreknew and ordained it so. If a person only asks, prays for or requires “just His Word”, that is exactly what He gives…what He allows that Believer to know as they never asked for His Higher Learning. There are others though that have specially searched out the True Heart of God, faithfully through the years of walking a righteous path to Him so that He will grant these desires of their heart. Just because a Believer has been allowed many of the answers that another has not been able to find in their own walk, does not take away where that Heavenly Information was sent from…or WHO the True Author from which it was given.

Many learn the Word of God when they’re small children, who then sat faithfully week after week in the Church Sunday School their parents entrusted them to in order for them to learn and love ALL that is from the Lord and is the Lord! As a person grows in age, also should their knowledge of God’s Kingdom. There is no growth into the deeper meaning of the Words He left for us, either written or spoken by Jesus Himself or His Disciples. You must read and truly understand His Guidance as a now grown adult, not what was spoken, taught and remembered by the Believer as a child they once were.

Jesus throughout, followed by The Father God Himself, spoke clearly of the “Mysteries” and the ‘Words” which were to be closed-up – sealed till the time of the end. We are now at the very time of which He spoke, the TIME OF THE END! He knows the Hearts of all His Creation. He knows what each of us can handle and sustain in those hearts and also their Spirit. He grants us many Gifts and He is giving many eyes and ears permission to now hear and see that which has been sealed until now. We do not know why He chooses who He does or the exact reasons for His Choices. We must remember and always keep in mind , that even though there is only One Bride of Christ, it is made up of many separate parts, a variety of hearts, prayers, walks and roles different from others. We are ONE – but in this area – WE are individual. One should not judge or criticize the words and hearts of their Siblings in Christ for knowledge the Lord Divinely Anointed upon them. Not all are given the same but it doesn’t mean that one is wrong or the other Believer right. They are taught at different levels. If a Believer has not searched for certain Heavenly Answers known only by Our God in Heaven, it’s okay but it is not okay to stone your Siblings with the words that you now use as rocks against them.

Have you prayed the same Prayers, using the exact words that your Sibling in Christ used? If this answer is no, which most likely it is, then you are judging an area or a person who the Lord saw fit to Bless, Grant and give Release to as this was what His Child now, who is being judged, prayed for. One cannot ordain something that is to be not – and make like it never was!

The Lord has always been consistent throughout all time in His Teachings and His Warnings. This time is not any different. We know the Lord says that there is NOTHING new under the sun and we believe what He has taught us. A Believer must study Him and His Patterns of Events carried all the way through the Old and New Testament. Go back to look at the things that were, then you will know what is about to come. Follow the Patterns.

Everyone needs to clearly remember that much of what was shown and taught to John in the Book of Revelations was kept from us, it was Hidden as ordered by the Lord. When would be the best time for that very important bit of Divine Knowledge to be fully released? Before the events to come – which would surely be a Sign, a Gift of Love from the Lord, which holds to Who He is – a Loving God. Or, would they come after the events have started to unfold, thereby leaving His much loved Bride without a “Head’s Up” and no time to prepare as He so ordered, wanted and allowed? Many are called but few listen; Is this not what He said? Is this just meant to be used and understood in this one text or Scripture and only in that reference or is it said so we may infuse this thought into much of what we are experiencing now in multiple situations and signs He now shows us throughout the world? Common sense must be a factor when one tries to comprehend the Words and Teaching the Lord teaches us from. It is unnecessary to put identical parables or lessons in every text/ Scripture as there are many that have been applied to one specific lesson in the Bible, and can actually be used for many others. Does not common sense His Children have been blessed with have a sound foundation here?

He has allowed the scales to be removed from the eyes of children He so chose. Ones that allow themselves to see what He deems necessary for He allows His Words and what He and He alone wants heard, to be done so through their ears and this has been Given and Granted by His Authority. His Holy Spirit that dwells in the bodies of His Children, KNOW His Wishes and what He desires to be fulfilled through them. When we know our Spirit is following the Lords Wishes and when we begin to do what His Holy Spirit is COMMANDING us to do, should a person stop obeying the Lord’s Command just because another Believer has not been led to see or hear that same Command? Who is doing the Lord’s Will then?

When the Lord Himself grants prophetic Messages and/or Words truly from Him and His Holy Spirit, He always confirms His Word by giving the same overall Message to other Members of His Bride. This is done throughout the world. He plainly leaves it out there for those who have open ears to hear and clear unscaled eyes to see. If a Believer refuses to understand what He is so diligently trying to show and teach them, this is on them and their unbelief of the obvious, along with lack of faith in that Jesus would surely do EXACTLY as He said and His doing so because of His Love for us! Some just cannot believe in their own heart that He is allowing these Great Gifts to His Children at the exact time He Promised!

What many cannot see is that things blinded to them and kept veiled, are done so by doubt which is placed on them and others that are spread across the world. This doubt is spread to cause His Children to stumble in this important area, in order to keep them entertained and confused in their minds of how “wrong” other Believers must be, especially in the area of concern they themselves do not understand, which is then allowed to be kept there due to their own doubt. So now, the Believer in turn, will not see this error until it’s too late and the time is upon them. The enemy knows the Lord’s Chosen Children, His Faithful Followers very well for he watches our/their every move. Whatever he can do to prevent us from informing and ministering to others, telling them of the secrets he is about to unleash and how he is gaining ground by placing that seed of doubt and unbelief of their fellow Believers, the enemy will so do and is doing now.

Pray on what you do not understand. Look to the Patterns of the Lord. Have faith in Him by not judging others in Christ who the Lord has favored or granted things you may not know, like or understand. Do your own research – always backed by Scripture and use common sense the Lord gave you. It is not right to condemn an innocent Believer for the Words they speak or share because one does not fully acknowledge their own lack of understanding as they have not studied all that the Lord left for His Faithful to learn. This time is like no other and His Coming is right upon us. Our Armor must be stronger than whatever was worn in the past and any extra weapons Jesus Himself has or is now providing for us will surely be weak on the one who doubts the Good Gifts.

Does one know about Nibiru/Planet X? It’s origins, it’s Patterns of the past? If you don’t, I would strongly urge you to do so now because very soon it will be the cause of the cosmic disturbance, spoken in about in detail in Revelations.

Do you have knowledge of the Lord’s 3-Days of Darkness? Patterns again experienced throughout the Old/New Testament? What has been, will be again. If you reference Jonah of the Bible – you will see how he was 3 days in the belly of the whale. Did Jesus not say the only Sign we would have during this time would be the Sign of Jonah? Did Jesus not experience 3 days/3 nights in the tomb? Again, see the Patterns and what was accomplished in each situation the 3-days were used and it’s purpose. Look at the day, time from start to finish that Jesus was persecuted and nailed to the cross. Then, see what happened at the very moment of His death when His Spirit was raised to the Father in Heaven. How do these events of the past mingle in with what is about to happen now? We will be experiencing some of what our Lord did, only not to His Level or the length of time He had to experience them but these are glimpses of the Patterns that are to come.

Understanding our time is not the Lord’s Time but whatever happens in Heaven, will manifest here on Earth 3-days later! So yes, He would know 3-days prior and He would be able to correctly know the exact time, hour, day of His Coming as revealed to us because when He is called by The Father in the Heavenly Realm, it would not manifest here on the earth until 3-days later but His Warning would be immediate. So, what I’m saying is that when Jesus receives the verbal command and okay to “go get His Bride”, He (Jesus) would then alert His Bride moments later but because of the different realms involved, He would not arrive until 3 days later, which goes hand-in-hand with the Heavenly Knowledge given to us that it takes 3 days for whatever occurs in Heaven, to appear or be exposed here on this earth. We call this the “3-Day Rule”.

Again, please understand others Walk and Testimony to the Lord. Understand each is different. God can Grant, Answer and Allow what He deems fit, required, needed or given out of faithfulness and love to His Children. Please make sure before you throw around “falsehoods” of what is being shared, that they are in fact that, but do so after you have walked the same walk, prayed the same prayers and have Divine Knowledge of the Lord’s Heart so you may know too what He has blessed His Bride with and the reason for the Granting and Allowance of these Blessings He chose now to RELEASE! I’ve learned that one will grow to Heavenly Heights in their Knowledge of Heavenly Secrets, Rules and Blessings, if you love the Lord with all your heart, walk in full faith, searching for Him in all things, and asking forgiveness for all sins.

Remember, He is Love Coming Down so above all, LOVE as He does; HEAR what He is trying to say, not what you want to hear; and LISTEN for then you will know!

Remember also that when someone is hearing Words they have no understanding of, it may be very confusing, which cause many to stop and stay in the spot they have become comfortable in. The immediate information the are confronted with may scare them for they have not had days, weeks, months and years as others who share this Knowledge with them may have. Everyone knows that the Bible is the Inspired Word of God, but also that is has been manipulated throughout the years by the enemy. Much was taken out, many words rearranged and Books and or Verses a little out of their timing in a few places. This is okay because God allowed this as nothing is done without Him doing it or giving His Permission and Allowance for it to be done. Much of this was allowed, probably for faith reasons as it made those that came to Him that much more pleasing!

He has allowed information after information to be found, released, written that He Himself coordinated it’s timing to be revealed out to the world. He has placed this all here for us to see, use and pray for discernment over. It does not replace His Word, His Bible in any way, in just enhances His Teaching to us…it’s opened for us to grow in our walk to an even higher level of understanding.

Those that cannot understand, nor see growth in their walk, were not meant to and for God’s Reasons, He has allowed them to remain exactly where they are. This does not mean in any way they are not loved, cherished, blessed and chosen by the Lord, this only means that they were not meant to know what others in Christ have been taught. He loves all His Children, His Bride and soon He will explain all the Secrets and Mysteries of Heaven Himself…Face-to-Face! Doesn’t get any better than that.


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  1. Sandy Champion

    November 12, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    My dear sister Mary Beth: I love how Yeshua has guided you to provide this Blog spot so that those left behind–can find a place to come and partake of His Holy and Hidden Manna for food and nourishment for their weary souls during the Great Tribulation–Amen! Keep posting all the Abba gives to you—until Yeshua comes to take us back to our Heavenly Home–Amen!


    Your brother in Christ,

    Sandy Champion

  2. friendofheaven

    November 13, 2013 at 6:52 am

    Thank you Sandy…He is truly Lord of ALL! He loves us so very much – He does not want any to parish, does He! I should add your name here so you can give your Divine Gift of Prayer to all who need it! I would love i you would give us a daily prayer to post.

    • Sandy Champion

      November 13, 2013 at 3:33 pm

      “Dear Beloved Father God of all Creation-my dear Abba: In the Holy and Righteous name of Your Only Begotten Son–Jesus Christ: I offer up to You–in Your High Courts of Heaven–this prayer of faith and trust in all that Jesus Christ sacrificed on the Cross which provided a way back to You God for each individual that comes to find this Blog spot; By becoming the Sacrificial Lamb for all Creation–and by giving up His body and blood so that many will be redeemed and allowed to enter into His Glorious Kingdom—all praise, honor, and glory, is lifted up to Your Heavenly Kingdom and Your Son in whom You are well pleased with; Because of Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross and the Stripes he received for all of mankind, every sinner that comes to Your Throne and ask for forgiveness of their sins, will be forgiven and receive the Holy anointing over their entire body,soul, mind and spirit through the power of Your Holy Spirit;

      As this world quickly becomes enveloped by the darkness and wickedness found through satan and his minions evil intentions, I pray that Your power to draw Your children to You from every walk of life–from every nation on this earth– will be led by Your Perfect will for each to find Your Peace and Protection under Your Holy Umbrella of Light and Love found only by way of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior over their lives; May this day bring many hurting and suffering souls.. captives of this fallen worldly system..into this place, FriendofHeaven, to feast upon Your Holy nourishment of Your righteous Words, Knowledge,and Understanding from Heaven; May those that find their way here, be transformed and be made whole, healthy in body,soul, mind and spirit and ready to enter the Kingdom of the Most High King and Savior— our coming Bridegroom–Jesus Christ.

      Thank You Abba for giving us another day to fellowship in Your Holy Presence, in and by the Power and Love of Jesus Christ–Lord over Heaven and all the Earth–Amen”


      Your Son, Servant and Friend,

      Sandy Champion

      • friendofheaven

        November 15, 2013 at 12:36 am

        Wow, wow wow Sandy…thank you for this divine prayer…I’m going to try to post it on the Blog as a header than stays up front and center as if it’s part of the page. Wish me luck~

  3. Irene

    November 17, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    This is such a wonderful meaningful prayer, thank you so much Sandy. I’m going to post it on Facebook. God be with you until we all meet.

  4. Mary, a Catholic friend and fellow "watcher"

    November 18, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Sharing a Catholic prophecy everyone can accept. There is one end time, end of the 6th Day. God is preparing us all. Pray, pray, pray for conversions.

    On “intersession”, “pray to” gets misunderstood, it means to intercede. You pray for loved ones here, you are an intercessor with God for them. The same for the saints in Heaven. Read Revelation. Mary is a very special intercessor. Ask in prayer for her help, she can
    help you.

    Remember, a teaching lesson. Jesus said it, I am not ready but He answered His mother’s
    request at the wedding at Cana.

    message to Pelianito

    November 17, 2013

    Luke 19:26
    I tell you, to all those who have, more will be given; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.

    “O my child, the willful blindness of this generation is an anathema to God! I have filled the earth with evidence of my goodness, mercy, perfection and love. They look past me in the evidence and willfully turn a blind eye. How long must I put up with this generation? If not for the prayers of my faithful little ones, if not for their trust in my mercy, if not for my Mother’s intercession, this generation would have already been destroyed. My delay is for the sake of mercy. Therefore, do not let up on your prayers. Events are now in motion that will be the cause of great suffering in the world. My children, my beloved ones, weary as you are, now is the time to polish your armor with the oil of the sacraments, pick up your weapons with the new strength I offer, and enter the battle daily. There is much more to come, but you, my little warriors, I will uphold with my own strength. Be not afraid! I am near!”


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